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Endless love, Size 8 and DJ Mo on their Valentne’s experience

The Murayas

So, what’s the plan for this Valentines?

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(Chuckles) Imagine we haven’t decided yet, but maybe we will travel. It is still ‘open’ plan!

I look at you two and can’t help but blush. What is the glue that kept you together?

 (DJ Mo): Two things; Putting God first and the unconditional love we have for each other

  Do you pick DJ Mo’s clothes?

(Size 8) No. Dj Mo has a very good taste so I let him pick his outfits. However, if he needs my assistance or opinion on something, I help. Mo is a very stylish man.

What is the most expensive gift you have bought Size 8?

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 (DJ Mo)  Dowry! Lol!


Where do you shop?

(Size 8) Everywhere! As long as the clothes are of good quality and flatter my body, I pick. I prefer high-end mtush clothes. For shoes, I go to Emirates Shoe Collection in town.

  Why did you change your hair from your signature short red bob cut?

I got liberated  from being confined to one hairstyle and my brand evolved. Currently,  I am a mother, artist, TV Host and I do Ministry Work.

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 What is the secret to maintaining your body shape especially after child birth?

  Be psychologically stable. When you are not in a good place mentally and emotionally, then, your body is not a priority. No matter what happens in your life manage your emotions and psychological stability. Be disciplined in what you eat and drink lots of water! 

How do you manage your domestic disagreements?

(DJ MO) Tolerance for each other

(Size 8 ) We handle our disagreements as Christians and focus on what the Bible teaches about marriage.


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