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Looks that men find irrestistible in women

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Let’s face it and be honest. Men are visual beings and in this case, there are things that they are bound to find attractive in women. But don’t judge, they are wired that way. The good thing is that more women have come to know and acknowledge this fact hence they are cautious about how they present themselves.

Here are some looks that men find extremely appealing:


Yeah!! You got it right. Men love women in heels. No kidding!! A study revealed that high heels tend to increase a woman’s attractiveness and that women in high heels stand a higher chance of being approached by men.

Long hair

Long hair makes a woman more feminine but not only that, most men literally drool over women with long hair. But do not get me wrong, I am not trying to shade women with short hair. They too are someone’s cup of tea.


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There is something about colour red. Men like it when women put on anything red. It definitely is the winning colour when it comes to choosing your lippie, your dress, your show and even your lingerie. Just make sure you dress your red well and confidently. Know how to match.

Sleeveless tops and dresses

Yeah right!! Men love it when women show of their sleeves and a little bit of their shoulders. Especially if you have a smooth and soft skin, men definitely find your shoulders and sleeves irresistible.


We all cannot counter the fact that a smile adds some sort of beauty and warth in a woman’s face. Men tend to find smiley women warm and more approachable. So ladies, next time you are out there, be sure to wear a smile. It could score you some marks.

Light makeup

There is nothing fancy about wearing too much makeup. It somehow alters how you look. Heard of cases where men ditched their girlfriends and or wives after seeing them without makeup… Yeah, It happens. So just put on some light make up and you are good to go.

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