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Several dates then she presses stop: How women 'waste' men's time

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  • He takes her out for a number of dates then when he finally makes his move, he’s met with a STOP
  • In most cases, if I he asks you out for a coffee date, his only interest in you is a relationship, a sexual one that is
  • Some are having confidence issues and could be buying time to see who exactly you are

One of the dangers of living to be 25 as a man is that at one point, some lady will waste your time so bad you would want to strangle her. You meet, there is mutual attraction, you both believe that you were made for each other.

A few dates down the line, back and forth, and all of a sudden, she rejects your sexual overtures bluntly.

Then you go back home wondering why the coffee dates, the meals, the alcohol and all those moments you had together.

Now she has pressed STOP and no longer picks up your calls, or she picks up and speaks in such a tone that tells you to move on. I know this class of women. It is a very irritating lot.

We should have it in the Constitution that no woman above 21 should be allowed to go for more than three dates with a man where it is the man who foots the bill, only for her to turn his request down without any explanation. As far as I am concerned, men are not charitable organisations.

It ought to be known that if I asked you out for a coffee date, my only interest in you is a relationship. A sexual one, that is. If it develops into something else, well and good. But from the word go, the end game is to get you to bed.

A good woman should make it known on the first date that she is either taken or not likely to date you for one reason or another.

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It is only fair. But some women in Kenya prefer speculating as they waste your time, resources and money only for them to turn you down to your chagrin.

It could be that some have confidence issues. It could be that they buy time to see who exactly you are. It could be that they are doing you a favour, giving you audience to justify your needs. But I think, there ought to be a limit of two dates at most.

Because it is very expensive to date nowadays. The price of coffee in decent coffee shops is prohibitive. If she is alcoholic, it is even worse. Besides, some women have specialised in giving misleading cues for reasons best known to Satan.

I would like to request women to be considerate. It is better to kill all the hopes in the first date than have us hang around until you have used us to boost your ego, and then vanish.

It is very expensive buying those lunches, coffees, drinks and driving and dropping you around town if the return on investment is zero. Just be human.

I heard somewhere that the decision to sleep with a man is something you make within seven seconds of meeting him. I would ask that you be upfront when we make a move.

Tell us if you are taken, if you are single and have taken a sabbatical from relationship, or just tell us to our faces that you don’t feel like. We appreciate this more, than when you say NO when our hopes are at the peak.

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