Evewoman : Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai shows boyfriend’s Face


Anerlisa Muigai finally reveals her new boyfriend's face on social media

After Breaking up with her then boyfriend, (Stephen) whom they were engaged for more 6 months, Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai had vowed not to put her relationship on Social media, advising women to keep their relationships private

For the past few months, the Keroche CEO’s daughter had been sharing photos of her new boyfriend with his face hidden. In one of her Instagram posts, she shared a photo of her together with her man whose face was hidden and captioned it:

 “It’s sad to say this but most of the publicized relationships hardly last as there is so much pressure to keep up with all that mess. Keep the people you love a mystery and anyway there are so many people out there ready to spoil what you both have. Have a blessed Saturday full of positive vibes.”

Well, now it seems love conquers all because the beautiful lass is no longer hiding her boyfriend’s face. She recently shared photos of them together and this time we can see who the guy who makes her happy is…and he is handsome!

She gave us the reason why she decied to share the photo:

“My wish was to keep this private but somehow somebody leaked his WhatsApp profile pictures online so it doesn't make sense to keep hidding him.... meet DK* officially.”

They attended a ruracio together "Hang around people who make you laugh out loud. Yesterday at a Ruracio in Kiambu."


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