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These trendy looks will make you stand out this holiday season

The holidays are just round the corner and with the season comes activities and conundrums. Getting the best look could be tricky, but here are a few guidelines to help you out.

  • Make a statement

Colour and loud prints have been a statement at the holidays. You can stand out by selecting less predictable colours.

  • Sparkle

What’s the holiday season without a little bling? Try out sequins, shiny brooch to get that unique look. You could also opt for a metallic blazer or pair your outfit with embellished heels.  Be careful not to overdo it to avoid being mistaken for the Christmas tree.

  • Layer away!

Layering has been reserved for cold days, but with that does not mean it will not work for the sunny moments.  You can opt to add flavour to your outfit by adding sheer chiffon, lace or mesh.

For outdoors, you can add a loose drapey jacket or you can choose the sleeveless long tops to complete your outfit.

  • Jewellery

Holiday season gives you the freedom to pile all the jewellery you own. That huge necklace you’ve been planning to wear or that bold ring that wasn’t fit for any occasion can come out now. The trick here is to ensure the rest of the look is simple.

  • Bye bye jeans?

As much as jeans are our favourite, we can give it a rest this season. Consider leggings, harem pants and culottes for the duration of the season. You can even make a bolder statement with the jumpsuits, currently available in so many designs and colours.


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