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Between The Sheets

Things that turn men off between the sheets

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When it comes to matters bedroom, a lot of opinions have given done on how to satisfy a woman. Hardly is ‘how to satisfy a man in bed’ mentioned. Most people tend to assume that men are okay with everything between the sheets as long as they climax. However, that is not the case. There are some things women do in the bedroom that turn men off.

Here are some things that we women do in bed that leave men with a bad taste in their mouths:

Biting: It is not everyone who has pain as a fetish. Before you dig your teeth through someone’s neck in the name of ‘love bite’, first find out if they are okay with it. Also when giving him a blow job, keep your teeth to yourself. You should leave bite marks in a man’s penis.

Over faking orgasm:  Most women are guilty of faking orgasm during intercourse. We do it for distinct reasons but mostly it is to boost a man’s ego. That is fine. But you should have a limit. Do not overdo it or else your partner will know you are faking it and this is something they will feel bad about. 

Inactive women: Sex should be team work. You just don’t sleep there like a dead cockroach and wait for the man to do everything. This is such a turn-off. You need to input some action. Let him know you are enjoying the act or you also want him to enjoy.

Loud mamas: It is good to moan with pleasure during intercourse. It massages a man’s ego for he knows his actions are not in vain. However, keep it low. Don’t go screaming your lungs out awakening the neighbors just because he is doing it so well. That’s scary. Learn to keep it low.

Inquisitive: Hey… it is not time to ask questions. Some women just won’t stop asking questions during intimacy. That is actually the worst timing to ask anything. If you do not want to be lied to, then keep the questioning at bay till the session is over.

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Darkness is bae: There are those women who will insist on switching of the lights or covering themselves deep in duvets. Like… what on earth are you hiding?? This is a major turn off. How do you insist on covering yourself at 12 noon?

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