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5 pointers that still have feelings for your Ex

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Many times, we are deceived that after a break-up we shall move on in peace. We believe that we shall distance ourselves from our exes like how day and night are distinct. We believe that we shall not hate our exes but be very indifferent to them. But Alaas! Things don’t happen this way. We realize that our love for the ex is growing like a well-watered potted plant. Here are key signs that you have never gotten over your ex

1. You talk about them endlessly

Whether positive or negative talk, you can never shut up about your past flame. You tell people what you people used to do, what they liked and how you used to fight and make up like soap opera love birds. When people think you are done, you begin being emotional about the day you people parted ways. Now, do us a favor and go back to them because you are very far from moving on.

2. You still keep their stuff or what they gave you

It can be that wonderful bangle, necklace or piece of clothing they bought you. Many years after you people parted ways, you still keep them. In fact, you still like the stuff they bought you. You have no problem with keeping their clothes in your house. Ooh! Not forgetting the many pictures that you people took together. You tell all who ask that the stuff is yours. Deep down, you wish they were still around.

3. You stalk them

Even after your exe blocked you before the Kapenguria six were released from prison, you still make fake accounts to stalk him. You derive great pleasure in going through their social media platforms and knowing how they are doing. You even post comments and chat with them wearing a stranger’s mask. Sorry but your love sick is serious.

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4. You believe they are completely lost without you

Even though they are happy with someone else, you believe it won’t last. You believe they are with that person to make you jealous. Common sense has never been your guest to let you know that they decided not to be with you. An inner lying voice keeps telling you of how they are lost without you. You therefore go through life waiting patiently for the day their relationship will not work out. We all know you will be a waiting skeleton meme.

5. You have strong ties with their friends and relatives

You are as clingy as a puppy to its mother when it comes to being friends with your ex’s circle of friends. You have decided that they are like a second family to you. At the drop of a hat, you will be running to rescue them. You work hard to be at all family events especially when you have children with them. You imagine that you are doing all these because you are a good person. It doesn’t occur to you that you are not over your exe.



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