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Intimacy during menses could be the best thing in a woman’s world

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You’ll call this an eeew topic but we all know our guilty pleasures, which aren’t guilty at all because we don’t kiss and tell. If you haven’t done it before, I bet you must have thought about it.  Did you know your sexual desire increases when you are most fertile and we know when this sanctified days. The 4 pass over days.

While ovulating, well, or better known as kunyesha, your man is more likely to feel more attracted to you, weird right? Because that is the moment you lament and find it unfair that men don’t suffer the same tragedy. But honestly though, God… really?? Every single month?? Really, though?

Talk of mood swings.  This is the time hormones begin to play tricks on our emotions.  But just so you know, those mood swings? Totally not hormones at its natural best. It’s the pills you pop almost too frequently, trying to get between good sex and baby mama nightmare. Don’t judge, groceries go stale if they stay out too long.

The thought of having sex while on your period may be a little out of the books, but damn, if you want your legs ‘volcanating’ and a 3D sensitivity to touch, this is totally the right move. For a second, forget about the yuck part of all this and believe that there’s a method to my madness. Look at it this way, blood can serve as a natural lubricant. Well, unless you prefer he spits saliva from under his musty cavity tooth. Yeah, so wipe that grin off of your face and let’s go on.

You want to get rid of those cramps that keep you in bed all day? Have an orgasm, simple. It doesn’t have to be gross, on the contrary it can be a hot mess. As embarrassing as you may think it is, your man MAY, and I repeat , MAY likely be unfazed by the  idea. You don’t have to talk about it, and risk being shy. He knows you are on your Sanctified days, you don’t necessarily need to spell it out to him. When the mood kicks in, kindly, board the flight unapologetically.

Trick here is, spread a dark cloth on the bed, in case of any stains. Also because the sight of blood could easily turn you off. Use a latex condom so that any blood that gets on him can be easily rolled off.  One warning though, this is not the day to be the freaky girlfriend and hope on top. Poor move. Lie down and let him do all the work.  . You deserve one of these days. Trust me the mess is rarely as much as you think. Totally not a crime scene.  Take a shower when you are done and hop onto your dipper. Remember when you follow all the rules, you miss out on all the fun.

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