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I was scared for life - Mother warns parents against kissing their babies

How often do you kiss your baby?

A Mother is warning parents to never kiss their babies.  This is after an incident at her home that left her fearing for the life of her child.

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26-year-old Krystal Hayes' rushed her newborn to the hospital only to be told that her baby could have contracted deadly meningitis from an innocent kiss.

The baby was taken to hospital after he developed a high temperature. They were terrified when they were told that the new born had the viral meningitis.

It would be pointed out that the baby’s infection could have been transferred by an innocent kiss.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Ms Hayes, said: 'My heartfelt advice to anyone is don't kiss a newborn baby. The worry and pain wasn't worth a thousand kisses.'

She cannot imagine how expressing love to a baby could turn out so dangerous to her/his health.

“As a parent I couldn't think of anything worse than not kissing my baby before but I can now. This was one thousand times worse.”

The baby is now 15 weeks: His mother Krystal Hayes and partner John Gresham with the boy’s two-year-old sister Photo:Courtesy/DailMail

'Just an innocent kiss. Nothing more than a form of affection from someone who would love him and want no harm to ever come to him. Something so natural to do with a precious baby.

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This comes a few years after an American doctor sparked fierce debate online after she suggested that parents shouldn't kiss their child on the lips at all because it could be 'confusing'.

At the time, she said: "If you start kissing your kids on the lips, when do you stop? It gets very confusing."

"If I had to answer when to stop kissing your kids on the lips, it would be now." The doctor aid at the time.

So it appears that kissing your child or baby it might not only be socially controversial, but can be detrimental to health of your child

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