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Dear Parent, your child is using contraceptives!!

 Contraceptive pills

Less than an year ago, the administration of a school in Kajiado North constituency was solving a case involving two boys who had stolen from a parent.

The 13 -year-old boys in class 8 had together with his friend been stealing money from his mother's saving box. He stole up to sh 25,000 in a span of two months. It took around of lashes by teachers for them to reveal the unexpected. The boys had been instructed to steal by two high school girls in a nearby day school. They, in return got to break their virginities with the girls. The boys also revealed that they had a phone which they used to chat with other girls. The boys shocked the teachers and parents by claiming that they used the money to buy alcohol, snacks, airtime and emergency pills.

Now that the long holidays are around the corner, parents need to be aware that their children are no longer innocent. In an era where kids as young as a year old are given internet connected gadgets to keep them busy, they tend to develop sexual feelings and may engage in sexual behavior such as touching their sex parts or saying dirty words based on what they see from porn websites that pop up in the websites occasionally. While young parents think that it's 'posh' that their children talk about girls they fancy in school or in their neighbor hoods they should really follow up and find out how far these relationships go.

When Gideon Mbuvi a single father to one daughter discovered a used packet of emergency pills in the house he assumed it belonged to his house girl or sister who lived with him. He decided to confront them warning them to be more discreet for the sake of his 13-year-old daughter.

"I was really shocked when my sister and the house help told me that they were not aware of the empty packages. I asked my sister to talk to my daughter and the feedback was shocking," Gideon who lost his wife seven years ago said.

It turns out his daughter was sexually active.

"She said it only happened twice with a 17-year-old boy she claimed she loved. I didn't know whether to buy her condoms, kill the boy are lock her up in the house forever," he said.

Although his daughter promised to abstain, Gideon is still paranoid and now that the long holidays are approaching. He doesn't know what to do.

While a parent like Gideon is still worrying how his daughter even got hold of contraceptives, Rachel Githae, a student 16-year-old student says it's very easy to access emergency pills. "In my school sexually active send some of the subordinate employees and tip them. Some of the students also look a bit older so they can easily get the drugs over the counter without being judged," Rachel said.

Rachel brings out the fact that children are not only having sex while on holidays but also in school. So, when does this happen? "When we go out for extra-curricular activities and even within the school compound I know one girl who was having an affair with a teacher who had been attached briefly in our school for internship. He got her the morning after pills every time they were intimate. We thought she was actually cool and that made her quite popular!" Rachel told the us.

Alice Anyango a parent of three boys recently discovered that two of his beloved sons were sexually active. The boys 13, 11 and 9 are all in boarding schools and now that they are home for two months she doesn't even know what to do with them.

"During their midterm earlier this year a neighbor came to my house to inform me that he caught my eldest son in bed with his daughter. Before I could deal with that, I found out that my 11-year-old had broken his virginity with the house girl," Alice an NGO employee who travels a lot told the us.

As much as her sons can't get pregnant she is quite worried that they may get exposed to venereal diseases.

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