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What men have been doing wrong during sex and how they have messed up the pleasure experience


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If you are having sex, whether casual, or two years into a slow and boring relationship, you might as well just enjoy it. There is no excuse to not enjoying sex, well there’s the weird day 1 when it’s almost too uncomfortable but that’s no excuse. Sex is good! Sex is meant to be enjoyed! And if ain’t fun for you, then, you must be doing it wrong.

Let’s clear this out, men have and love it more than women do. This is biologically because their organs are external making the little man down there sensitive to the slightest touch. This could mean that he can enjoy sex even if it only lasts two minutes and probably would have had one of the best orgasms in his entire miserable life.

Why I say miserable? Simply because it is selfish, I mean, it’s already sad that she lay there pretty much unsatisfied, but you roll over and slumber like you deserve a rest? C’mon man, what rubbish that? Gaddamnt, you are creative, come up with something.

Sex isn’t when you walk in, kiss her twice and shamelessly, already pocking your, manhood in her vagina. Sex is a two way street, you are only enjoying it when she, otherwise it should be tagged rape. Here are some tricks,

Reward theory, compared to carrying a pack of condoms, has a higher chance to get you laid and laid real good. Women love gifts and who wouldn’t get attracted to someone who makes them feel good? Carry her a little gift, doesn’t have to be too expensive, just something nice. The intention is what matter here. Women love listeners, so something she probably mentioned in a conversation would be a green light. Trust me, she’ll tell all her friends about you.

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What is sex without details? Don’t hurry to grab the whole slice, feed on the bread crams it graciously gets you both to an ‘hallelujah orgasm’. Explore her body, handle her like a goddess. Be cocky, just enough to thrill her and be confident because its damn sexy. Take all the time you have and even more, trust that she’ll compromise. Slowly kiss her and let your hands find their way around her body.

Worship her curves and whisper complements about her body while at it, it fuels her. Some men tend to forget the boobies or are simply ‘not boob guys’ and unconsciously don’t pay attention to them. Its selfish, touch her until you know at what point she explodes. Get her in the mood and trust me you’ll love the little beast you released.

It’s not just on the grape vine, it’s actually true, treat a woman right, and she will do anything for you. I mean anything.

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