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How to achieve flawless eyebrows

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On social media, it is common to hear the expression, 'brows on fleek,' meaning your eyebrows have been presented at their fullest potential to look amazing. Well-groomed eyebrows frame your face and take your appearance from good to spectacular.

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Whether you enjoy ladling on the makeup with a shovel or you prefer a bare, natural look, eyebrows can make or break your final appearance. A few tips to remember during the hair removal process;  when neatening or shaping your brows, always pluck or trim the underside only. This ensures that they will maintain their shape. Tweezing and threading are more long lasting methods than shaving with a razor. This article will focus on makeup application methods to produce perfect eyebrows.

Step 1 – Apply primer

Apply an eye-makeup primer on clean, moisturized brows. This step is often neglected but it is vital if your eyebrow makeup is to last the entire day.

Step 2 – Line below

Using a well-sharpened eyebrow pencil, draw a clean, straight line under your brow. Most individuals will do better with a brown eyebrow pencil. Black lines tends to look harsh and artificial. If you are blonde or have brown hair, opt for a pale brown eyebrow pencil. If you have dark coloured hair, use the darkest brown pencil on the spectrum.

Step 3 – Line above

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Using short, gentle strokes, draw a clean line above your eyebrows. Make this line more subtle than the first one under your eyebrows. It is to serve as a general outline.

Step 4 – Fill in your brows

You will need two shades of matt brown eyeshadow. A darker shade for the entire brow, and a lighter shade to highlight the inner brow. Use a small tapered makeup application brush to apply the brown shadow along your eyebrow. Be sure to use several small strokes, as opposed to painting it on with one broad stroke. This ensures a more natural result.

Step 5 – Define inner brows

Using the same makeup brush, highlight the inner part of your eyebrows using the lighter shade of brown. If you do not have two shades of brown, use a dry mascara brush to gently erase some of the brown colour from the first few hairs. Again, this is vital in order to mimic the natural formation of eyebrows. Failure to do so will result in an artificial, doll-like appearance where the brows will look painted on.

Step 6 - Conceal

Take a precision makeup brush and apply concealer under your browline. This step neatens the brow by concealing any blemishes and stray hairs, giving a polished final result. Gently blend with clean fingers.

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Step 7 – Brush

If your eyebrows are particularly bushy, gently brush them into shape. This gives a clean finish.

Step 8 - Set

Set your brows with a tiny amount of finishing powder. If you have a makeup fixative, you may spray that on for an extra long lasting effect.

Your brows are now ready to conquer the world. Note when shaping and filling them in - opt for angled arches and not round or flat shapes. An angle of between 40 and 45 degrees is ideal for a perfect and naturally beautiful brow. Do not sleep with your makeup on. When removing eyebrow makeup, use an oil-based remover.

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