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The weird and wonderful things you may not have known about your vagina

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Some facts are weirder than others

Roughly fifty per cent of the population have one and, as adults, we should all know what functionality the vagina has.

But, there's a lot more to them than being the passage connecting the reproductive system to the outside of the body.

Interestingly, it's not just children which are a by-product of having a vagina.

There are a whole raft of facts about vaginas, women's relationship with them and the surprising things they're able to do.

Not all of them are everyone's cup of tea, but they'll certainly make you think of vaginas slightly differently.

1. They can make bread

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Sourdough bread, to be precise. Like we said, not all of these facts are going to appeal to everyone.

Bread of heaven: But Zoe's recipe has concerned some who say it's not hygienic (Photo: Getty)

In news that would no doubt horrify the doyenne of baking, Mary Berry, Zoe Stavri found a good use for an outbreak of thrush.

The feminist blogger and baker made a batch of sourdough loaf from her own vaginal yeast, which is all we can really say about that.

2. They can make beer

Vaginas aren't one-trick ponies. They can also be used to make beer , apparently.

The Order of Yoni wanted to capture the essence of a woman ('her charm, her sensuality, her passion… her taste, feel her smell... her voice') and turn it into a drink.

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So that's what they're trying to do.

"Using hi-tech of microbiology, we isolate, examine and prepare lactic acid bacteria from vagina of a unique woman."

Tellingly, they are still some way off their Indiegogo target.

3. Nearly half of women don't know where theirs is

Let's move away from food and drink.

Despite a legion of regular folk and celebs all jumping on the V-steam / elaborate pubic grooming routine / douching bandwagon, all the scrutiny vaginas are under don't seem to have helped women to accurately locate theirs.

According to a survey, by The Eve Appeal , and as reported in the Huffington Post , the charity found a staggering 44 per cent of women could not identify the vagina - and 60 per cent were unsure about what the vulva was.

4. A lot of us want surgery down there

Apparently we have porn to thank for this.

It's becoming increasingly common

According to the Huffington Post , one in five women would consider putting themselves under the knife in the quest for the perfect vagina.

The study found women who had greater exposure to images of female genitals were more likely to consider the procedure, with labiaplasty proving to be the most popular.

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