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Kisumu woman delivers triplets after walking for 10 kilometres

Eveline. Adhiambo holds her triplets after delivery at Hope Medical center in Awasi Kisumu county

The ongoing doctors' strike on Tuesday forced one woman to walk 10 kilometres in search of a medical facility to deliver her triplets. Evelyn Adhiambo, 28, of Kamswa in Muhoroni laboured for hours as she looked for help before arriving at the Hope Health Centre in Awasi, Kisumu County that evening where she was helped to deliver the triplets.

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"Had she delayed for another ten minutes, she would be no more," said Dr Allan Kapiyo, who is also the hospital's director. A neighbour had intervened and got a motorbike, but with the muddy road, she had to alight from the bike and walk for several kilometres before getting on the bike again. The babies weighed 2.5kg, 2kg and 1.8kg.

— Kevin Omollo

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