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When did we catch the betting bug?

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I must admit there are topics I never want to wrap my mind around. Betting happens to be one of them. I have chosen to be ignorant as far as betting is concerned.
Despite the sudden gaming craze hovering all over and more players coming on board daily, I have never wanted to imagine that anyone close to me, friend or relative could be in anyway drifting into the dirty world of seeking a quick buck.
I have heard stories of broken marriages, shattered dreams in the name of gaming but I have never been keen enough to understand the dynamics fueling this craze.
From the look of things, Kenya is feet deep into the world of betting but what got me a little shocked is the discovery that the bug has caught up with women.
Not that we are comfortable having our husbands, sons and brothers wasting their lives placing bets, the thought that women are doing it is more depressing.
I’m a firm believer in women excelling in fields dominated by men but betting has never been on my list.
Flip through the pages and read about three women who got hooked to betting that instant they placed their first bet.

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Enjoy the read.

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