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I said yes to a proposal...again!

Lady Speak
 Photo; Courtesy

I have a ring on my finger, this time it’s real, he proposed. It was not one of those Alehandro moments filled with flashes from powerful cameras though. He did not call our mutual friends to come and witness this big day.

It went down in the most quiet way ever, in fact, by the time it was all done, neither of us knew I had just been engaged. We both thought we were just having one of those games we always have.

I must admit I have been engaged before, yes, it was a Alehandro-like moment. Those specials days that your heart goes kedi-kee and you are sure something will go down either before the sun or together with the sun.

You know, those days like your birthday, Christmas, Valentines and the likes. He drove me all the way to a romantic spot, of course, we were not alone, business went as usual in that place and everyone seemed to be minding theirs.

Ours was a meal of courses, it was dinner anyway, I dug through my plate and before long, I was done. There was music in the background, soft music. I sipped my cocktail juice bit by bit, there was no straw, that’s what they said. My Komayole background doesn’t care whether or not the straw is present, so long as the juice ends up in your tummy.

He rose from his seat and told me to gulp the remaining juice, we were getting late. I lifted the glass and took one final gulp, something hit my tooth.

Baaas, I thought my teeth were falling off like they had started doing when I was in high school. I quickly spit it in my palm, no, it wasn’t my tooth, the golden ring lay there motionless.

Before I could figure out what was happening there were flashes all over and he was on his knees...’Will you marry me?’ Of course, I said yes, from all the movies and soaps I have watched, I had never heard of a negative answer to a proposal and I was not about to become the first one to say no.

Everyone around clapped, they all knew about it all this while. The ring was slightly big, no, it was too big, even for my fat thumb! We later had to adjust it, not once, but twice, in order for it to fit the correct finger.

That was the first time someone went on his knee to propose to me. Then just like most Alehandro stories end, one lady gets the proposal and approval of the family but another beauty comes along and steals his heart...plus the ring. Then you are left there wondering who the hell wrote your life’s script!

Anyway, like I was telling you before the thought of this proposal interrupted me, he proposed! We were in the house, just relaxing after work. He was in the balcony just looking out and admiring the sunset while I was in the kitchen, cooking his favourite meal Matoke.

He called me to the balcony and gave me a golden chain with a golden ring hanging from it, ooh, there was a golden bracelet too.

He carefully put the chain around my neck and whispered “This chain is your Birthday gift, the one I was supposed to give you last year.”

I whispered in his ear too, “What about the ring?”

“That one is for you to decide,” he replied, “what do you want it to be?”

“Engagement,” I whispered. Yes, that is how I got engaged. He proposed!


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