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How to pick the right shampoo

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Shampoos are available in many brands and options that when you have to choose one, it becomes a confusing and overwhelming process. Some bottle designs and logos are so beautiful that some people are misled in picking them only to regret later. A wrong shampoo will definitely damage your hair.

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Knowing your hair type is a good start to knowing how to take care of your hair. Hair type can be divided into categories; thin/fine, medium, thick, dry or oily hair. Some people can have a combination of these. You need the right combination to make a shampoo formula that is right for your hair. So what is the right shampoo for you?

Oily hair: Hair with excess sebum or one that has been treated with heavy, waxy styling products is left with greasy residue that only clarifying shampoo can remedy. This shampoo has fewer ingredients including sulfates to remove dirt and oil, so that nothing more is deposited on the hair.

Fine hair: If you have thin/skinny hair, you would want to give it some flesh. The hair should be treated with shampoos that add volume making it appear fuller.

These shampoos have film-formers, such as hydrolyzed wheat protein and PG-propyl silanetriol making the hair feel bulkier as these increase the width of the hair shaft. Avoid anything that has siliconeor creamy shampoos as this can feel quite heavy on fine hair. If your hair is thin but you have normal to oily scalp, go for a shampoo that strengthens hair, adds volume and balance.

Dry hair: For those with extra dry hair, a rich infusion of oil is exactly what you need. Most shampoos are formulated with moisturizing oils (like argan or sunflower oil) to moisturize the hair and lock that moisture in.

Normal/medium hair: This is every woman’s desire as it is the easiest to maintain. One can use shampoo for all hair types. Just ensure that you get a formula that feeds, smooths and detangles the hair. A simple moisturizing shampoo will always work.

Thick hair: This type of hair requires shampoos that are hydrating and add moisture to the hair and are suited for thick or course hair. If you have a dry to normal scalp with thick hair, use moisturizing shampoo. If, on the other hand, you have an oily scalp with thick hair, alternate a moisturizing shampoo and one that is strengthening or balancing.

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