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The bedroom or the children; what is more sensitive?

Street Talk (From Left) Nancy, Jemimah, Olivia and Juliana: Photo; Courtesy

Olivia Obell, Lang'ata Women's Prisons Officer in Charge: I am a private person although I don't lock my bedroom because I trust those I employ. I have lost some things in the past but it could happen even if I locked the room.

 I believe that if I lock it she will get curious to know what I keep in there which can tempt one to make a duplicate of the door key and search to steal what you may not know.

 Jemimah Mwelu, Prison Corporal: What I keep in the bedroom are very precious small things like ATM cards, money and other private things.

I have lost them before. I wouldn't want to go the same way - I believe they were taken by a house help I had employed at that time so I don't want to take chances again.

 Juliana Njeri Kairu, Banker: For security purposes, I would not want my private space exposed to anyone. There are some documents like payslips, employee contracts, house or farm tittle deeds... why would you leave them exposed? They may even tempt someone to think otherwise.

Nancy Mutai, Principal Ngara Girls High School: My children are now grown-up although I believe my bedroom is a special place, a sanctuary and preserve for my husband and I. My house helps have been part of my family and I trusted them with my children because I couldn't do without them when my children were young.

However, I never let them clean my bedroom. I have always done it and I think this translates to respect for them too. Even my children do not get into my bedroom without my permission. It's a family culture.


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