Evewoman : Are the women in Kenya oppressed? Maina Kageni's topic raises a storm on social media

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Are the women in Kenya oppressed? Maina Kageni's topic raises a storm on social media

Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni has once again made his voice heard in regards to the oppression of women by society.

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Speaking through his Facebook page which has a legion of followers, he said he was only but a defender of women’s rights and called on men to stop oppressing women.

During his popular morning show, he put on the spot men who were of the opinion that he was biased. These men have claimed Maina was inciting and misleading women in marriages and relationships.

The radio host posed the question of whether defending what is right for women was incitement.

Kenyans went ahead to give their views on the matter with most men sounding agitated while women applauded him and encouraging him on. Here are some of the contrasting views on the matter.

Pauline M. Dabiri: Go go Maina women are alone without you

Everlyne Mbithe: When all the husbands are against their wives, boyfriends against their girlfriends, and men against women, there needs to be that ONE man who will side by us. YOU Maina Kageni

Arnold de Shaun: Marry one and then utaelewa women are really not being oppressed. They are unpredictable and hard to understand. You act manly then they say they are being oppressed, you give them the freedom and try to act 'gentleman' then they say 'whatever a man can do, a woman can do best'.

Joseph Mwangi: I agree maina you support women so much and make men look bad on national radio. I am a fan of your show but sometimes tell the ladies the truth don't lie to them.

Dan Mwangi: you always side with women.

Tina Sintio:  No incitement at all. If men became responsible no one would be complaining. Such a man should style up and which women are being misled? Full grown women or girls? I don't think a grown-up has to be misled and they choose to.


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