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Take your time before you wed, God hates divorce

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Take your time before you wed, God hates divorce

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In this age and era, given a choice, would you settle for a church wedding or go to the AG and call it a day? The rate at which marriages are breaking is high and this scares the hell out of those yet to join the institution.

Weddings are no longer functions to solely have fun and celebrate a union, but a function to showcase how much a couple can spend. People are getting into marriages because of weddings forgetting that the vows they make during the weddings are not to be broken. The vows say....'till death do us part'. I have seen many couples parting ways after spending millions...and death has nothing to do with it. Did death get a new meaning and I missed the memo?

Reality hits after the honeymoon. Those who got into it because of the money and not love realise they have to love and cherish their partners. Many who rush to plan for huge weddings barely know each other, or do not fully accept each other; but the thought of walking down the aisle and giving friends something to talk about fills their heads and blinds them. All they do before the wedding is try to prove to people how perfect they are for each other.

They might not be happy about one thing or the other about their partners but that is overlooked because a better function is coming up, a wedding.

Keep in mind though that when the sun sets and everyone goes back to their homes, you are left to please no one but each other. The crowd will help you eat your sweet cake, dance to the tunes of the latest hits and take snap shots of every moment they would wish to; but that is just about it.

Once the party is over, no one will teach you how to tolerate your partner, no one will help you cook for him, dress him and be submissive to him. When the going gets tough, people will watch from across the fence as they wait for any result, mostly a bad one; let’s say a separation or a divorce.

After that happens, they will crawl back and start pointing out the mistakes you overlooked as you planned your wedding. Your wedding budget will also be a subject, not just to them, but to you as well. You will wake up to the reality that you rushed into a wedding before fully accepting your partner as he/she is.

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I am not saying weddings are bad, not at all. In fact, walking down the aisle has always been my dream. All I am saying is that you should walk down the aisle, not because anyone or anything is pushing you, but because you have decided to. Walk down the aisle not to please anybody but yourself. Do not spend with the aim of leaving folks mouths agape and hands on their head. Just cut your coat according to you cloth and let the Lord have his way.

Above all, know your partner well before taking the vows. Hold your happiness in your own hands so that it can always be within your reach. A huge wedding does not necessarily mean a happily ever after life, just the same way a traditional wedding does not mean you are not serious.

Actually, neither a church wedding nor a traditional one means you will be happy forever. So make that decision when ready because God hates divorce.

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