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This week on confessions: My father-in-law wants my late hubby’s property


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My father-in-law wants my late husband's property
My father-in-law wants my late husband's property

My husband was killed while serving in the police force in 2012.

His work benefits and compensation have been released but I have just realized my father in law had applied to be that administrator to his estate and is therefore likely to be given the package.

We had two young children but we are not legally married. My husband had, however, declared his interest to solemnize our marriage and had even started the process of paying dowry.

My friends are advising me to appeal to be appointed as the administrator to his estate.

His family members on the other hand are discouraging me from this saying that my father in law will take care of us and that this will make me look like a gold digger. I know he will not and will instead squander all the money on women and alcohol. I am confused and really don’t know what to do.

I don’t have a stable source of income to support the children.(Rahab)

Your take

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It is good you have children with him and he had even started the process of paying dowry. I believe you have every right, as any lawfully married wife to take over his property. Seek the assistance of Children, Gender & Social Offices and the Courts. I will stand with you in prayer.

{Benard Laura}

Rahab, do you have birth certificates for your children that bear your late husband’s name? This may be proof that you were living together as husband and wife. Do not wait to depend on your father-in-law when he gets the money. Get support from your relatives especially from your late husband’s side and you will stand a chance of getting something.

{Onyango Outha, Jauduny}

Sorry for what befell you. When a man dies, the widow is left helpless and vulnerable. Even though you were not legally married to him, you have two children and that entitles you to benefit from his pension. Push for your right share of his wealth. There are organisations that can help. The children department can assist in issues to do with the children’s future.

{Ouma Rangumo, Sifuyo}

Legally, you may not win on this. It is possible your in-laws don’t trust you and that is why they would rather have a chaotic one of their own handle your late husband’s benefits than you. Get them to trust you then you can sit with them and agree on the way forward. Let them see the need for you to access the money for the upkeep of their children. From the legal front, you have very little basis.

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{Tasma Charles}

I don’t know why you are taking long to appeal against what your father-in-law is doing! Once he get this money, you won’t see a single cent and your children will have no-one to care for them! Look for a lawyer to file your case and have justice done before it’s too late!

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{Pastor Ben Shikuku}

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