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Anyiko Owoko:I'm not bragging,but i'm a a good publicist


Anyiko OwokoA publicist to one of the most celebrated bands in Africa since they started, how does it feel seeing their success today?

It feels absolutely great to see our dreams come true. It is good to see the hard work we all put in, paying. It is a sign that consistency and focus yields results and God really does answer prayers. It is also a call to action; if we have come this far in just about seven years, how far can we go in the next few years?

How have you worked on maintaining the good image the band has?

I don’t focus a lot on keeping them on the positive light because they are truly good people and determined to do good and represent Africa and Kenya in the best way possible. From the start, it was never about fame but the need to share with the world what Africa has to offer. That said, they are just ordinary people when they get back into their houses.

What is your take on celebrities pulling publicity stunts to remain relevant, once fame dwindles?
Real celebrities do not have to pull stunts and those who do are struggling to have a celebrity status. Celebrity longevity is not tied to flashy cars and jets but the legacy one leaves and the power emitted through one’s work.

How is your career taken in Kenya?
PR is common but not specific PR packaged for artists. I am the only one doing it seriously and how it should be done. It has been a constant journey of learning with Sauti Sol. They gave me that status and one day, they told me that they will never refer to me by any other word but ‘publicist’.

How can you advise an artiste looking for a publicist?
Get a publicist who is passionate about their work and the artistes’. Nobody can represent you best if they do not believe in your product. Get someone with experience and they can advise you and come up with new and creative strategies. Also get someone who has contacts of who you are trying to reach.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job as a publicist?

Seeing the results. Most recently Google declared Nishike as the most watched video in 2014. That was great news. It was during Nishike’s release that I did not sleep a wink for 36 hours. There was a lot of feedback and talk around it and as the publicist, I pushed the band not to relent at keeping up with it all.

Is there any occasion where your job made you get away with something, big or small?
This is a tricky question. And yes I have gotten away with a lot. There are a lot of perks of this job and working with Sauti Sol. It is also very easy for me to have Sauti Sol on a TV Show that I host.

In your trips abroad, what is the ‘odd’ thing you always have to carry?

Odd thing? Nothing really, maybe my African paraphernalia that make foreigners ask, “Where are you from?”

As busy as you are, what is that thing you always wanted to do but time does not allow?

Travel more, for sure. Or spend more time at one place. I never wanted to leave Paris when we went there with Sauti Sol for their first show in France. I even blogged about it.

What do you do during me-time?

Reading books. That’s fun for me because I am transporting myself to another world or someone’s perspective and I also like to discuss or review books.

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What mantra do you live by?

Love, live, share.


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