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Getting a car that can bring income

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Tell us about your car and why that model...
My car is a Toyota NZE, the 2007 model, which I picked out thanks to its convenience and automation features.
Were you specific about the colour or all you wanted was something to move from point A to B?
As I mentioned, I attend many weddings so I had to pick the right colour and pearl came in handy for me because of its uniqueness, plus it blends in with most wedding themes. Also it doesn’t get too dirty, neither is it as loud and conspicuous as other colours.

So you must have ferried brides to their weddings?
Yes! I have done that many times. When my car was new, I was often invited to be part of wedding convoys, which was fun but with time, I had to get picky because of the many requests.

What animal are you on the road, a cheetah or a tortoise?
Everyone goes through the tortoise to cheetah phases but at this point, I think I’m faster than a cheetah, an art, which I mastered thanks to my work and need for timeliness.

How does your car come in handy in your daily work routines?
I love that it is quite spacious and convenient on a day to day basis. I use it to meet up with clients, carry bridal parties and most importantly, deliver wedding cakes.

Which features do you love most about your car?
Its automation makes it quite economical in regards to fuel consumption; then again its speed levels often get me on time for my meetings and weddings.

Any customisations so far?
I often find myself upgrading and changing seat covers whenever I attend different weddings. Aside from that, I souped up the sound system and customised the rims.

The best destination you ever travelled to with your car would be?
A road trip to Mount Kenya Castle, which is at the foot of Mount Kenya with family is my recent memorable trip but I soon hope to cross boarders in it.

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How has your experience been like driving in Nairobi?
I used to be mad at the Nairobi drivers but with time, I got used to it. As if getting stuck in traffic is not bad enough, city drivers make it a real nightmare.

With the privilege of a siren on your car, would you drive any different?
Definitely! I would never be stuck in traffic! I would even take advantage and use the alternate lanes, and anything else to get to my destination on time.

If you were stranded on a highway with a flat tire, what would you do?
I would fix it fast! It has actually happened to me several times and the most recent one was on my way to a wedding and I couldn’t start looking for a Good Samaritan or mechanic.

What is your ultimate dream car?
I would love to get a Toyota J-cruiser because of its outlook, also it looks powerful and classy so I know many brides would fall in love with it and pay to have it in their convoys

Traffic can be a mess! What do you do to kill time when stuck in it?
Mostly, I listen to music and check out other drivers, which keeps me positive.

What song do you get carried away listening to in your car?
I don’t have specifics. Mostly, it depends on my mood, and my music choice can range from R&B, to gospel music.

What habit would you not tolerate from people you carry in your car?
People who come in and litter, then, those who keep changing my music to suit their preferences are also quite annoying.

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What one thing have you learned about driving that you were not taught in driving school?
Over time, I learnt how to handle traffic police and rowdy matatu drivers who can really dampen your moods at times, and parking in small spaces.

What advice would you give a lady who wants to buy a car?
A car is your companion, so one should buy cars that are easy and convenient for their daily routines. Comfort is also key because you will spend a lot of time in that ride.

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