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Why it's hard to forgive a cheating woman

Cheating girlfriend

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Sooner or later, you will run into that text message. Sometimes it is a saucy exchange on WhatsApp. Or Viber. It is a message, so telling, so betraying you become manically suicidal. If you have ever had any doubts that she cheats on you, there you have all the evidence. And by evidence, it is something tangible and admissible in any court of law, whether in Chile or North Korea.

It is always something like...

"Hey, that was nice, we should do it again." You can smell the lust in the man's eyes in that offensive message. It smells like a burp processed from four boiled eggs and 'Kachumbari' full of onions. It is disgusting. You picture him doing all sorts of things to the woman you have loved to a point of even having unprotected sex with. Then you read what she has replied...

"Terrific. You such a man. I never enjoyed so much before..."

There you have it. Your long-term girlfriend is cheating on you. Unless you are an imbecile, or a fool in love, you have to leave her. But how do you confront her? Truth is, there is no scientific or socially effective way of confronting a woman who cheats on you. Those in the police service or military have a quicker solution: They shoot the woman, shoot the lover boy and they shoot themselves. But what happens if you are a law abiding citizen, of greater social standing?

A woman who readily cheats without any trace of guilt is a dangerous one. More so, if she cheats and also sleeps with you. I do not advocate for male cheating, but somehow, women are more forgiving to their cheating boyfriends, than men in the same situation. Men are simply too territorial. The thought that your woman is possibly sleeping with another man is not only revolting, but can turn one into a suicidal freak.

Yet, nowadays, women cheat as much as men. And women possess the sixth sense of concealing their tracks. But the fact remains, you can never be too discreet with your phone. Neither can you erase all the electronic evidence. Both men and women are susceptible to be caught. But men are rarely prepared to be cheated on. For women it is a constant possibility. I will not talk for women; I will leave that to women to handle.

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Now, if I realised that my woman is cheating, I will not kill her. But in my mind, I will pour sulphuric acid on her. No forgiving. I can forgive all other sins, but cheating is too much. I will show her the door, but not without embarrassing and exposing her to her follies. And I will do this without being childish.

First, I will make her confess that indeed she has cheated on me. If she still wants the relationship, I will promise that I can forgive her. Then she will open up and tell me why she decided to cheat. And the reasons are always foolish, as cheating itself is. It is always about opportunity. Like a man I will not admit that it was because of me. No. She cheated because she is a cheat, and I will not allow her to use me as a scape goat.

And this should be the advice that all men should follow. No forgiveness. It is a sign of weakness. And thou shall never ever be weak to a woman. She will cheat again.



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