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What do women see in some men?

WomenOne of life’s most puzzling mysteries is how some beautiful women pick up their men. It baffles potential male suitors and totally eludes all their female friends.

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 Personally, I have dated two or three women and throughout the trysts, I always felt that I was too lucky. There was always that inescapable feeling of ‘too good to be true’. They were beautiful and intelligent. I lacked the corresponding traits. Some of my male friends used to jest that love is indeed blind.

 Ideally, you would expect a beautiful woman to go for the hottest and handsomest man in the pack. Alas, a good number end up with short men with fiery tempers. Or thin, wiry fellows who look like they were never breastfed enough. You know the type with halitosis or smelly feet. They type that abuses them. The type that will never win a competition to market Calvin Klein underwear.  The type that is either balding, or tummies protruding at precarious angles.

 Not that such men don’t deserve beautiful women. The world is not fair.  Mostly, they use money to leverage what they lack. Mysteriously, when a man has money, he is sexy to women. Somehow, even their stone-dry sense of humour becomes witty. Their ugly tummy or bald-headedness are conveniently overlooked. Otherwise, had Lil Wayne been a broke bloke, he wouldn’t have been so popular.

 However, the bigger tragedy is when an outrageously beautiful woman ends up with an abusive man. Men are always insecure around beautiful women. Something inside men tells them beautiful women will always cheat or are more susceptible to cheating than your average Joan. I know a dozen gorgeous women who have been in abusive relationships. Not to say that other women deserve it, but nature has always sided with the beautiful woman.

 Few men who date beautiful women are mature enough to handle the flirting and ogling targeting their women from randy men. It takes a lot of guts to marry an extremely beautiful woman. Perhaps, it is the insecurity of beautiful women that leads them to settle for men who are as handsome as scarecrows. And such men can be bloody insecure. They know they are not worth such jewels; hence they mistreat them by beating or cheating on them haphazardly.

And such women, given everything is perfect in their world, they will never tell anyone that they have a beast for a man. But sooner rather than later, their scars — physical and emotional — will have their toll and we will know that it was not rosy after all.

I think being beautiful is a double-edged sword. Very few women have the brains and the discipline to handle it, especially in their youthful days when they are in demand. Many make a dozen bad choices that ruin them forever. Some of the most beautiful women I have known from yesteryears are now weather-beaten mothers. You will never know they were the supermodels who gave many young men heart attacks by rejecting their advances because such men were not in their league. I think they should learn that beauty has an expiry date. And at any given time, there are younger and beautiful women being born.

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 But like many men, I will always be puzzled as to how some women chose their men.


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