Evewoman : Talia Oyando: The doting mother and wife

Talia Oyando: The doting mother and wife

Talia's familyIn the past three years, a lot has changed in Talia’s personal life. These days, she is making family moments count. Her main focus is her son and her husband. Ever since she got married about three years ago, being a wife and a mother have been her priorities.

“My son’s name is Lyric. He is almost a year and a half. He is everything to me. He is my twinkle toe. When I am having a bad day, I look at him and he smiles, jumps, and says ‘mama’. That to me is everything. He is that one thing, I believe, that I have done right, I thank God for him every day,” she says happily.

How has motherhood changed her? “I worry about my son constantly when I am not around him. I do not go out as much; in fact, I have not been to a club since I got pregnant. So many things changed for me. I have priorities now — I am no longer that YOLO (You Only Live Once) young girl everybody knew back then: I am all about family now.”

Talia quietly married the love of her life Ezekiel Onyango in 2010. The ceremony involved only a handful of people.

“Yes, I got married traditionally, but we will formalise it in church very soon. I have an amazing man. My new life has made me more domestic. I cook, clean, and I love taking care of my husband and making sure he is okay.”

Talia describes her husband Ezy (how she refers to him) as a man with a big heart.

“He is always thinking of others; he goes out of his way to make sure others are okay before he is. He believes in the family as a societal unit; being there for one another and helping each other. He is also a great father to our son,” she says.

Ezekiel is a film and television director, and the CEO of Film Crew In Africa.

Talia has nothing but praise for her husband. “I am super proud of him. Some of his work has won awards including a golden Globe. He is definitely the best in his field and he does not only work in Kenya but also in Dubai, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.”

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