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Ways to keep your fridge clean

 Always use warm water to loosen the buildup while cleaning (Photo: Courtesy)

One of the most difficult things to clean is the refrigerator. The thing is refrigerators have a lot of intricate nooks and compartments that can be difficult to clean correctly. 

Also, people frequently wind up with too many leftovers that eventually go bad after sitting in for weeks.

Most people use rugs to clean their fridges but with these tips, the whole process can be fun and less tedious.

But before you begin, always remember to disconnect your fridge first:

Use warm water to loosen the buildup

Food can be really hard to wipe once it sticks on a surface in your fridge. And since it’s not fun to spend a long time bending there for long, you should try and use warm water to get them out faster.

What you should do is dip your sponge or rug in the warm water then place it on that spot for a few minutes. This will quickly loosen up the stubborn gunk in no time.

 Baking soda will help absorb the odour that comes about from the different foods stored in the same space (Photo: Courtesy)
Get fridge organizers

Fridge organizers make everything look so neat. This is much better than randomly placing your food items anywhere.

The other benefit is that they help to hold spills. If you have something that might cause spills and contaminations like raw meat, you should have a specific container instead of putting it directly on the shelves.

When you’re choosing organizers, go for square or rectangular shapes that won’t take so much unnecessary space.

Use baking soda to absorb odour

When different food scents combine in the fridge, there is a likelihood of odours. This mostly happens if you have a lot of leftovers in there or foods that just have a strong smell.

To help tame the odour, you should place an open bowl of baking soda at the back. Baking soda is safe and it can help deodorize your fridge. Remember to replace it after three months to maintain that freshness.

 Use vinegar to clean instead of bleach that is likely to contaminate your food (Photo: Courtesy)
Disinfect with vinegar

It’s not recommended that you use harsh products like bleach that could easily contaminate your food. What you can go for is white vinegar because it’s good at lifting grime and it can act as a safe disinfectant.

Mix a bit of vinegar and warm water then wipe down every corner. This is will keep away bacteria and fungi that often thrive in the fridge.

Brush the gasket with a toothbrush

The gasket is the rubber lining that is found on your fridge and freezer door. This lining can be very hard to properly clean with a cloth or sponge because of the stubborn mould that accumulates there.

To get rid of all the dirt and mould, you can use a soft toothbrush. A paste made of warm water and baking soda usually gets the job done well.

Take note when cleaning this lining. You must be gentle. It’s quite delicate and might be expensive to replace.

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