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Eve Mungai clarifies Airbnb robbery details in Kilimani

 Digital content creator Eve Mungai. (MungaiEve/Instagram)

Digital content creator Eve Mungai recently found herself at the center of an unfortunate incident, as her Airbnb property located in Kilimani became the target of a robbery, resulting in substantial losses.

Addressing misconceptions, Mungai clarified that the burglary did not transpire at her and her boyfriend Director Trevor's primary residence but rather within one of the apartments they oversee as part of their Airbnb venture. 

“People thought that we were robbed at the place where we live but that was not the case. We were robbed in one of the apartments that we run as an Airbnb," said Eve..

She recounted the sequence of events, noting that her agent had recommended a one-night stay for guests who were scheduled to leave for the airport the following day. Despite typically avoiding single-night bookings, Mungai permitted it.

She said, “I always don't accept guys for one night but since I knew the agent and the cleaners were coming the following day, I allowed them. That Wednesday night they came with the suitcases and packed off.”

In a disheartening turn of events, the morning after the guests' departure, Mungai received a call from a friend who also served as an agent. 

The friend was curious about activities in the house and promptly sent a video. "I was so shocked," Mungai shared. "In my entire life, I have never been that shattered!" The thieves had ransacked the property, making off with valuables totaling Sh200,000, including carpets, curtains, and decor.

In response to the incident, Mungai and her team promptly reported the burglary to the police, hoping for a swift resolution to bring the culprits to justice. She expressed her emotional connection to the property, stating, "This house was my very first project.”

Taking matters into her own hands, Mungai posted CCTV footage on November 10, revealing the faces of the perpetrators – a male and a female – leaving her apartment with sizable briefcases. 

Upon further investigation, Mungai uncovered a disturbing pattern. The individuals captured on CCTV had been engaging in similar criminal activities since May 2022, causing alarm within the Airbnb property owner community.

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