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Top Kenyan DJs taking over the entertainment scene

 DJ Grauchi and DJ Daffy

The Kenyan music industry is changing, with a wave of talented and dynamic DJs emerging to challenge the established names.

DJ Ivy

Breaking through with the Amapiano wave and drum and bass-focused house music, Ivy delivers electrifying and energetic sets that draw inspiration from liquid, jungle, and IDM.

With a passion for the scene and a diverse music selection, Ivy takes her audience on a captivating journey.

"I love to take people on a journey. When I was younger, my favourite sets would always be the ones that took me on peaks and troughs. I try to remember how I felt as a raver, and cram as much as I can into an hour."

Born Ivy Kanana, she is quickly becoming a fan favourite.

DJ Bugi

Another rising star in the DJ scene is DJ Bugi, real name Sharon Kibugi, who forms part of the X na Marafiki Trio alongside Kyd and Xtreme.

She has a unique perspective on music, enabling her to please diverse crowds with her soulful selections. Her talent, combined with a sassy and fashionable style, has catapulted her to play in leading clubs across Kenya.

"Growing up in Eastlands made me enjoy music and view music from different aspects. This has helped me please different crowds and people by reading into their minds with my soulful music," she says.


From Rongai, we have the mash-up master, DJ RoQ, a charismatic DJ with sleek scratches and impeccable mixes.

Going viral on social media, DJ RoQ real name Jefferson Njenga garnered attention and popularity with sleek mash-ups.

Teaming up with MC Gogo, he has taken the industry by storm and continues to trend on social media with his infectious dance moves.

"I love the seamless relation and blend with the crowd as I do refixes and 'remixes' for songs. I sing along and entertain the crowd. I need to give the #RoQEffect in all the events I get to play in," he says.

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A post shared by Deejay RoQ (@deejayroq)

Allan Allimo

Dubbed the "Rewind Effect Master," Allan Allimo, both a disc jockey and entertainer, is one of the most exciting DJs to listen to.

Starting as a DJ manager, working with industry giants like DJ Andie, he channelled his expertise to become a highly sought-after DJ.

Allan Allimo's ability to seamlessly transition between tunes is a testament to his deep understanding of music. He is quickly stepping into the shoes of renowned DJs such as Pinye and Adrian, leaving a significant impact on the old-school music scene.

DJ Xtreme

As the leader of X na Marafiki, a prominent DJ movement and trio, DJ Xtreme is one of the most sought-after DJs today. With his wealth of experience, he combines a perfect blend of music and banter to captivate crowds.

He possesses a keen sense of humour and an ability to read the audience. DJ Xtreme's versatility across different genres and his ability to keep the crowd grooving have made him a highly demanded DJ.

Born as Situma, this talented DJ has risen above the ranks to become a star in the art, spreading his influence through charitable events and elevating the DJ lifestyle in Kenya.

"As a genre-defying DJ, I strive to keep the crowd grooving. I know how to read the crowd and provide the perfect blend of music and banter to please them. My goal is to create an unforgettable experience for everyone," he says.

DJ Daffy

Interjecting trendy hits and booming Gengetone, DJ Daffy has become a household name. Similar to DJ RoQ, Newton Chege aka DJ Daffy gained popularity in his hood town Rongai.

Known for his enticing banter and captivating presence, Daffy is a crowd-puller.

He also doubles up as a radio host for one of the leading radio stations in Kenya.

"I aim to be a crowd puller and a mass entertainer. I am keen on every mix and scratch, making sure to be a crowd pleaser and a source of enjoyment for everyone," he says.

DJ Cibin

Famously celebrated as the CEO's choice, DJ Cibin Cibin stands tall in his craft, despite his short stature.

Rumoured to be dating Diamond's official Wasafi FM DJ Mamie, he has mastered his craft and founded Self Made DJs, an entertainment unit dedicated to elevating the DJ lifestyle in Kenya.

"I am the CEO's choice when it comes to matters of music. My short structure does not hinder me from standing tall and delivering exceptional performances. I seamlessly entice the crowd with lively mixes, and I am proud to be the founder of the Self Made DJs, an initiative aimed at elevating the DJ lifestyle in Kenya," he says.


Grauchi is a true master of his art. Having honed his skills under the guidance of award-winning radio presenter DJ G-Money, he has surpassed his mentor and burst into the scene during the Covid era with his online mixes, aptly titled the 'Wake-Up Call.'

Grauchi, also known as Zak Utu, has amassed a large following online, thanks to his lively and engaging performances.

With a calm and collected demeanour, he comes alive at the DJ booth, captivating audiences and delivering an exceptional show.

"I strive to be a master of the decks, delivering captivating performances that bring life to any party. My online mixtapes have gained me a loyal following, and I aim to create an exceptional show for my audience whenever I step behind the DJ booth. I cherish the connection I have with the crowd and aspire to leave a lasting impression on every music lover," says Grauchi.

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A post shared by Grauchi (@djgrauchi)


Bringing the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeat to the forefront is DJ CnG, an energetic and charismatic DJ who knows how to ignite a party.

With a deep love for African music and a keen sense of rhythm, Charles Njoroge Githumbi aka CnG, seamlessly blends infectious beats with irresistible grooves. His sets are a fusion of traditional Afrobeat, Afro-house, and contemporary hits, creating an atmosphere that gets everyone on their feet.

His infectious energy on stage and ability to read the crowd has seen him perform in one of the biggest shows, including the recent sold out-Stanbic Yetu festival where he was the official DJ.

Whether it is a high-energy club night or a laid-back outdoor gathering, CnG never fails to bring the party to life with his Afrobeat-infused mixes.

He has also landed big endorsements with leading companies, including Martel and Jameson. He's also an avid golfer.

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