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Maureen Kunga: How I lost 10kgs in two months

 Maureen Kunga of Elani opens up on weight loss.

Maureen Kunga, one of the members of the popular Kenyan music group Elani, recently opened up about her struggles with weight loss and the success she has achieved through a non-surgical weight loss procedure known as the gastric balloon.

Maureen had been struggling to get back to her healthier, more active self after the lockdown, but despite her efforts, she had hit a plateau and was not seeing any progress on the scale or in the inches she was losing. That's when she decided to seek help from a professional.

"Post-Lockdown I have really been struggling to get back to my more active, healthier (and frankly less heavy) self, and I have been hitting a brick wall. The scale and inches were simply NOT moving!" Maureen wrote.

She consulted with a doctor who explained that her body might be holding her back, and they explored various solutions that could help her overcome this challenge. They ultimately decided to go with the gastric balloon, a non-surgical weight loss procedure that has been gaining popularity among celebrities and regular people alike.

The procedure involves swallowing a pill that is connected to a catheter, which then becomes a balloon once it is inside the stomach. The balloon is then filled with saline solution, which reduces the amount of food that the patient can consume. It stays in the stomach for about four months and is then removed.

Maureen underwent the procedure in February and is now happy to report that she has lost over 10 kilograms in just two months. She feels more in control of her body and is excited to see the progress she has made.

"We settled for the Gastric Balloon and I got it inserted in February. I am happy to report that the journey has begun and things are moving!! Over 10kgs down, I finally feel like I am in control again!" she said.

Maureen plans to keep her fans updated on her progress, and we wish her all the best on her weight loss journey.

The gastric balloon is a safe and effective non-surgical weight loss option for those who are not eligible for weight loss surgery. It helps patients achieve significant weight loss without the risks associated with surgery. However, it should be accompanied by healthy lifestyle changes to achieve the best results.

The use of gastric balloon as a weight loss solution has gained popularity among celebrities. Maureen Waititu, a content creator, shared that she lost 22 kilograms in just five months after undergoing the procedure.

"Something happened to my weight. I ended up adding so much weight, I gained over 30kgs and I did a procedure about 5 months ago...Since then, I've lost over 20kgs," she revealed.

Other celebrities, such as actresses Jackie Matubia and Kate Actress, have also opted for the gastric balloon procedure to lose weight.

According to Dr. Pranav Pancholi of Avane Clinic, the procedure is a safer and faster alternative to surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia. Instead of undergoing invasive procedures, the patient swallows a pill connected to a catheter.

"It is the latest high-tech technology, it is a pill that gets swallowed, then it becomes a ballon, and we fill it with saline once it is in the stomach, which is programmed and stays in the stomach for four months, and you get reduced food intake and it auto destructs after four months," he said.

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