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Mungai Eve, Director Trevor respond to fans pushing them to have children

 YouTuber Mungai Eve and her boyfriend, Director Trevor.

Famous YouTuber Mungai Eve and her boyfriend, Director Trevor, have responded to a section of their online fans continually urging them to get pregnant and grow their family.

The couple addressed the issue by asking netizens to refrain from constantly troubling them about when they will have children.

According to Mungai, every couple has their understanding and can have children at whatever time they wish.

"You all should stop telling us to get children like so and so. Everyone has their own plans in life and again being a woman doesn't mean your purpose only is to get children! Everyone has their own pace," she said.

Mungai further explained that if an individual goes ahead to have kids they did not plan for, most of the time, the experience turns horrific.

"If you are not ready to get children, getting pregnant can be your worst nightmare. Because having a baby will change you forever! Similarly it may be scary to get a glimpse of the supreme power if you are not yet ready for it, because it will change you forever. You will lose yourself and a new you will emerge," she added.

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Mungai opines that bringing children into the world is not as easy as many think; thus, netizens should quit pushing people to get into what they are not ready for.

"I am honestly so tired of this 'when will you get children' question or when are you getting pregnant. Who said we want kids right now? Can everyone just live their lives the way they want because nobody will help you raise that child when you bring them into this world," said Mungai.

In Trevor's words, being a parent is a matter of choice that a couple should carefully consider.

"I just think it should happen when someone is ready for. I think it is something you have complete control over so why not choose?" wrote Trevor.

In May, the couple dismissed claims that they were pregnant with their first child.

"The rumours have been there since last year, I am also wondering because if it would be a normal pregnancy it would have been out. Getting kids is a blessing and I would be happy If I were pregnant but for now am not. Getting pregnant requires financial and psychological preparedness. So I'm not considering getting kids. I still want to concentrate on my career," she said in a previous interview.

According to Mungai, her boyfriend is more opposed to getting pregnant than she is, adding that their main focus is their career.

"He is more opposed to the idea than me. He feels it is not the right time to get pregnant because he is the one who introduced me to this job," she added.

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