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Bien: Why I don't share a hotel room with Chiki before performing

 Sauti Sol's Bien and his wife Chiki Kuruka.

Sauti Sol's vocalist and guitarist, Bien Baraza, has disclosed that he maintains a very strict business relationship with his wife, Chiki Kuruka, who also doubles up as his manager. In an interview with Mseto East Africa, when the two travel for work, they do not share a room, adding that he needs his space a night before a big performance.

"At the end of the day, management is something that involves trust at a very high level. First of all, wife yangu hawezi niibia. Natrust wife yangu sana. Kuna boundaries pia, for example, kama nikona show, naperform, nakaa kwa hotel room yangu pekee yangu, so kama unanibook kama agent, hauwezi book room moja na wife yangu, staki kulala nayeye same room hio siku, nataka kwenda kujiskizia," he said.

Bien further stated that being married is not as interesting to him as he would have expected. However, he clarified that he does not regret marrying his wife describing her as the best he has ever met.

"Iko tu! Ndoa iko tu, siwezi sema ndoa inabamba too much na pia siwezi sema ni mbaya. Has it made me a better person, a 100 percent? Do I regret doing it? Not at all. Is my wife amazing; she's the best," he said.

His sentiments come two weeks after he announced that he would be willing to undergo vasectomy if push comes to shove. Speaking on contraceptives on his show Bald Box session alongside Rugby player Dennis Ombachi and Dr Reign, Bien said that although the idea of vasectomy is scary, he would be willing to get one.

"When we talk about vasectomy, most men just question...is it reversible? Personally, as we speak, I can't really say I'm a Saint in the matter. I would nominate my wife to go through the procedure. But I am actually willing to consider and look into a vasectomy," he said.

Not long ago, Bien stated that he lost his original wedding ring, which forced him to look for a permanent solution.

"I had it but it got lost and I chose to have a tattoo instead because it won't go anywhere and also I feel I have a bad relationship with items," he said.

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