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Inside Shaffie Weru's inner sanctum

 Shaffie Weru's home

Shaffie Weru has an aura that captivates millions and a style that sets trends ablaze on social media.

Whether he's weaving laughter with his quick wit or infusing every moment with his contagious zest for life, he possesses an unmatched knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Tall, handsome, and once a beloved radio host, he embraces his chaos with grace, proudly declaring, "My Life, My Chaos."

As I awaited our interview, disbelief lingered until the moment my crew and I stepped into his opulent apartment. Airtight security underscored the privilege of our invitation, revealing the reverence accorded to the homeowner.

As I gifted him cactus plant “Why a cactus?" he inquired, to which I responded with a chuckle, "Because you're wild." And in that moment, he effortlessly confessed to his own wild spirit, embodying the essence of authenticity and adventure.

"I moved here nine years ago, starting from scratch after parting ways with the mother of my children, leaving everything behind," said Shaffie with a wry smile.

With a cheeky grin, he confessed to a newfound maturity over time, declaring, "I no longer refer to them as 'baby mamas."

His journey, though challenging, led him to a splendid bachelor pad that could only be described as epic. The airy, warm, and inviting space with humongous windows exudes a homely charm, drawing one in with its comforting vibes.

Against the backdrop of plain cream walls, a montage of his favourite people adorns the space, serving as a constant reminder of the anchors in his life who propelled him to where he stands today.

 Shaffie's living room

Despite the fame and the scrutiny of the public eye, Shaffie found solace in his support system, a network that buoyed him through life's highs and lows.

Surprisingly absent from the prominent displays were his own portraits. "These are my investments," he explained, gesturing towards the images of his loved ones. "These are the people who hold me down. I am because of them," he said.

The wooden floor beneath his feet adds to the cozy ambiance he cherishes in his home. Adorned with red Persian rugs and handcrafted pieces, it complements the luxurious velvet brown sink in sofa seats where he finds comfort and relaxation.

Every detail, from the brown sink sofas to the meticulously chosen décor pieces, reflects Shaffie's discerning taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Shaffie's awards stand as a testament to his legendary status in radio, each trophy a symbol of his unparalleled talent and dedication.

His display cabinet, brimming with accolades, tells only part of the story; the rest, he reveals, resides at the home of the mother of his children, a testament to his decision to leave everything behind and start anew—a concept he dubs "zero mileage."

 Shaffie's cabinet

Raised in the tough streets of Kibra, where local brew was a common sight, Shaffie's journey to success wasn't easy. Yet, as he reflects on his past, he does so with gratitude, proud of how far he's come.

Amidst the opulence of his cream luxury curtain and décor, Shaffie openly acknowledges the support he's received, particularly from his lady friends.

Having spent nine years with his first love, Debbie Asila, and six years with his ex-wife, the separation marked a new chapter—one where he not only cares for his three children but also adopted a son, embracing the responsibilities of parenthood with open arms.

A man of conviction, Shaffie isn't one to rush into marriage; for now, he finds himself immersed in leadership within the "Men's Conference". As Valentine's season was approaching when we did the interview, curiosity led me to inquire about his dating life.

He said that while he frequents clubs, he hasn't taken anyone on a date in the past decade—an intriguing revelation indeed.

The walls leading to other rooms tell a different story, adorned with a montage of family portraits. Shaffie speaks proudly of his three children, the eldest of whom is 19 years old residing in the USA.

When asked about his feelings as his daughter approaches dating age, his response drips with paternal love and concern, wishing only for the world to be kind to her.

Among the cherished faces in those portraits are his mother, influential sister, and brother, each playing a significant role in his life despite their absence from the public eye.

The ambiance of his space is elevated by antique brass light fixtures, exuding an elegant charm that complements the warmth of his home. And as my gaze drifts to the display cabinet adorned with countless accolades, I'm reminded of Shaffie's mastery of his craft as a radio presenter.

Winning the same award for a decade speaks volumes about his skill and dedication, solidifying his status as a true luminary in the industry.

Stepping into Shaffie's master ensuite bedroom feels like entering a realm of luxury and style. The red and beige theme colours infuse the space with warmth and elegance, creating an airy and spacious atmosphere that is simply magnificent.

At the heart of the room stands a solid king-size wooden bed, adorned with vibrant red and beige striped bedding that adds a striking pop of colour.

 Shaffie's Master Bedroom

A handcrafted rug adorns the floor, perfectly complementing the room's aesthetic. A dungaree casually draped over the bed hints at Shaffie's plans for the evening—a party awaits after our interview.

Despite the grandeur of his master bedroom, Shaffie confesses to spending most of his time in the living room, where he feels most at ease.

Adjacent to the master suite lies the ensuite visitor's bedroom, its plain walls adorned with a collection of hats collected over the years—a colourful array of styles that reflect Shaffie's eclectic taste.

A beautifully handcrafted bed serves as a gathering spot for his friends, each one leaving their mark on the memories shared within those walls. "All my friends, including the very famous ones, have slept in this room," he proudly declares.

A true trendsetter, Shaffie's shoe collection is a sight to behold, housed in its own dedicated room.

From his prized school shoes, to the countless other pairs of designer footwear, each shoe tells a story of style and sophistication. The shoes are an investment; he has insured his house.

 Shaffie's shoe collection

When asked about his readiness to settle down, Shaffie embraces his current status, acknowledging his responsibilities as a businessman and a father.

While marriage may be on the horizon, for now, his focus remains on nurturing his business ventures and caring for his children.

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