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At home with Dr Pranav Pancholi

Dr Pranav Pancholi, a cosmetologist, loves art. After all, the dermatologist combines art and science to make people look like a million dollars.

His home, tucked in the suburbs, is a breath of fresh air. It has a beautiful, expansive garden with a mix of different plants, trees, and flowers, thanks to his mum, who has been nurturing the garden and knows all the plants and trees by name.

She bought some of the plants and trees outside Kenya. The garden design unifies the house with the most beautiful landscape cascading downwards, creating a wonderful, calming experience.

Dr Pancholi is busy working out when we find him at his home.

The architectural character and design of the house are spectacular, with high ceilings, and the design creates space and volume.

The architectural design of expansive windows strikes you immediately. The sunken living room oozes luxury and opulence. The striking features and state-of-the-art pieces give the space personality.

Bright and airy, the house is welcoming and inviting. The quirky, antique and classy furniture pieces look gorgeous and classy.

The sink-in luxurious white sofas were comfy and cosy. The table was unique - a glass on top of the depress inlay with intricate design displays Indian spices. The table blends perfectly with the rest of the furniture.

A chandelier gives the room a classy and posh feel.

The wooden floor is covered with a vibrant and colourful Persian carpet from Iran. The intricate designs display creativity and class. "It took years to make this Persian carpet. The knots were embroidered for years to perfection," Dr Pancholi says.

Dr.Pancholi is an art connoisseur. The oversized art pieces, which bear testament to this, are a showstopper.

The dining area has antique, timeless cabinets and tribal artefacts. The table and chairs have been designed to perfection.

Curious to find out where he collects his art, he explained that his aunt is a renowned artist and some pieces are from her. While creating art, she goes into a trance, writes, and then translates it into art.

His aunt won a Lifetime Achievement Award and has done over 24 exhibitions in India.

In the corridors, on the way to his master bedroom, is a glorious, enormous 3D masterpiece that covers the whole wall. It was gifted to him by a friend, a famous artist.

The bedroom has huge windows and white walls. The extraordinary bed - an eight-by-seven bed from Lamu, is regal and elegant. The dramatic and captivating headboard adds grandeur to the bedroom, and the sleek four-poster give the bed more character. Cosy and luxurious bedding gives the bed a sophisticated look and feel.

His walk-in closet has fancy and official wear. There is also a pimp daddy cane gifted to him by his friends during his birthday, which he loves.

Next to his walk-in closet is a computerised telescope. He says the energy drawn from watching the Galaxy makes him feel calm and relaxed, giving him an indescribable feeling.

"Since the telescope is computerised, I set what constellation I want to watch, and I don't do it in Nairobi because it's cloudy and there is a lot of pollution. I go to Magadi or the countryside," he says.

He has a Lamu sofa bed and a round, evocative table made of Mvuli. "Sometimes I entertain my friends here," he says.

He is passionate about art, the reason he studied cosmetology. He lives by the motto, 'Eat, Pray and Botox'.

I ask him why there is a stigma around Botox, and he says people go to unprofessional doctors and end up with bad results.

He enjoys making his clients look beautiful and aspires to train young doctors so that he can pass on the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years.

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