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You have a platform that can aid society, Jamaican rapper Shalkal to upcoming artistes

 In the interview, the 39-year-old encouraged upcoming artists to use their platform to produce content that heals their nation and their people [Courtesy, Shalkal]

Jamaican-born reggae and dancehall artiste, Shalkal, recently engaged in a one-on-one interview with Standard Entertainment, shedding light on the profound role he plays in contributing to social commentary through his music.

In the interview, the 39-year-old encouraged upcoming artists to use their platform to produce content that heals their nation and their people.

When asked about his perspective on addressing social issues through his lyrics, Shalkal emphasized that most of his songs serve as expressions of current and ongoing events that directly or indirectly impact the Jamaican people. His music not only portrays the Jamaican culture in a positive light but also confronts social injustices, aiming to bring them to the forefront for further dialogue. For Shalkal, his music serves as a platform for discussion, reaching a broader audience with messages that transcend mere entertainment.

“Most of my songs are expression of current and ongoing events which have affected Jamaicans directly or indirectly. My music addresses the Jamaican culture itself in a positive light and also address social injustices that I bring to the forefront for further dialogue,” he said.

As the conversation turned to the evolution of his lyricism over the years, Shalkal acknowledged the need for flexibility in his music. Inspired by various genres within Jamaican music, he adapts his style to create diverse beats and lyrics. Collaboration with different artists and engaging in remixes also demands adjustments in the delivery of his lyrics. Shalkal views this constant evolution as a necessary aspect of being an artist and recognizes the importance of introducing different ways of conveying messages through his music.

Looking towards the future, Shalkal shared that his latest work will explore new themes inspired by the ongoing dynamics of society. Whether fueled by personal experiences or motivated by current issues, he remains committed to evolving as an artist, ensuring that his music remains relevant and impactful.

For aspiring lyricists seeking to make a mark in the music industry, Shalkal emphasized the power of the platform they possess and encouraged them to use it to bring awareness, addressing societal issues, and contributing to the healing of hearts and minds.

“You have a platform that can aid society. Use it to bring awareness and to heal the hearts and minds of people,” he said.

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