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Jamaican rapper Shalkal: Karma is a force we cannot escape

 Jamaican-born reggae and dancehall artiste, Shalkal [Courtesy, Loop Jamaica]

Jamaican-born reggae and dancehall artiste, Shalkal, is back from the studio with a new song. In a recent interview with Standard Entertainment, Shalkal revealed that the inspiration for the track dubbed ‘Karma’ originated from the concept of karma as a powerful force of action and reaction. Shalkal explained how people often underestimate the realness of karma and its profound influence on their lives. According to him, karma operates as an inescapable force, wherein individuals create their own destiny with their actions, determining the nature of the reactions they receive.

“Karma is a force we cannot escape. It’s essentially just action and reaction. People don’t understand how real this is and it’s a force that you can’t escape from. People are sometimes unaware that they create their own karma every day,” he says.

Regarding the creation of the song, Shalkal shared that it was an unplanned and spontaneous process. He described it as a free-style recording that came to life through his observations about karma manifesting in everyday experiences. Musically, Shalkal highlighted that this song differed from his previous works, exuding a raw and authentic quality that mirrored its unplanned nature.

During the recording and production of the song, an intriguing anecdote involving Shalkal emerged. One of the female artists involved in the project, deeply moved by the song's message, shared her own experiences in the music industry. She disclosed that her singing career had been deliberately hindered by individuals who sought to obstruct her progress. The emotional scars left by such suppression were evident. However, as an adult, she witnessed karma's retribution, seeing those who had suppressed her talents face consequences for their actions.

Reflecting on his artistic journey and experiences while creating the song, Shalkal had a valuable message for fellow musicians and aspiring artists. He urged them to be mindful of their actions, as karma plays an integral role in shaping their lives and artistic endeavors. Shalkal advised focusing on doing good to others, as positive intentions would inevitably attract positive outcomes.

“Whatever you do, either good or bad, will come back to you. So focus on doing good to each other because good things will come your way. Basically, what you give is what you get back,” he shared.

When asked about his hopes for the audience's connection and interpretation of the song, Shalkal aspired to instill a sense of reassurance and empowerment. He aimed to inspire listeners to embrace kindness and empathy, understanding that karma would naturally restore balance in their lives. By living with good intentions and treating others with respect, Shalkal sought to evoke a profound emotion, encouraging people to watch for the "big K" and let it guide them towards a more harmonious existence.

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