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Why Charlene Ruto and Daddy Owen are trending

 Charlene Ruto and Daddy Owen at a function. [Daddy Owen, Facebook]

The President’s daughter Charlene Ruto and musician Daddy Owen were trending on X (formerly Twitter) for the better part of Wednesday after a local media house announced that the former had been to Kakamega for an introduction ceremony.

The news quickly spread on social media and some even congratulated the Vanity singer for the bold move.

We cannot confirm the supposed ‘introduction’ but we can authoritatively report that the pair have been involved in several charity events in recent weeks.

In fact, in true Christmas spirit, they recently boarded several matatus in Nairobi and gave out shopping vouchers.

Charlene wore a buibui, hijab and shades to disguise herself and said she learned a lot about Kenyans during the matatu rides.

"Most people were going to work while others were going for different hustles. I am so excited. At first, I was seated with Daddy Owen but now I am going to sit at the back,” she said in one of the videos.

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She added that she was elated to interact with the youth who make up a significant percentage of the population and was impressed by their zeal to succeed.

 Charlene Ruto [Facebook]

Daddy Owen addresses his relationship with Charlene

In November this year, Owen and Charlene were pictured at a basketball match leading to speculation that they are an item.

However, in an interview with Milele FM, the singer said they are good friends and are working on several projects together.

“Aah hizi ndo gani? Bro unajua kuna zingine hufai kuongelea. Zingine ni noma bwana... Uko tusiende. Wewe ni brother yangu siwezi taka kukuweka kwa noma.

“Ni job tu. Apart form being just friends kuna projects mingi tunafanya pamoja... Si lazima kila time mkiniona na mtu lazima awe mtu," he said.

Asked whether Charlene was taken, he said, “Unajua hiyo ni swali ngumu sana umeuliza. Siku hizi tuliamua kila mtu anajisemea mambo yake”.

 Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto at a basketball match. [Facebook]

In a different interview with Shaffie Weru earlier this year, Owen said he wishes he would have done some things differently as he reflected on his failed marriage.

He said getting married at the peak of his career was not the wisest decision but he is now in a better place mentally.

"I think I got married very late...I wish I got married before the fame. That way I would grow into fame...

"Getting married at the peak of your career is a different story," he said.

On his divorce and how he became a trending topic for days, the singer said he was surprised at how people were publishing falsehoods about him and his ex-wife, with little knowledge of the truth.

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He promised to narrate what happened at a later date.

"Kenyans do not really know the real story but one day I will sit here and tell you exactly what happened," he said.

He is set to release a new song on January 1, 2024.

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