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Leave my father alone: Winnie Odinga tells those asking why Raila is quiet

 A collage of Winnie Odinga and Raila Odinga.

For some time now, Kenyans have been lamenting the tough economic times and have openly talked about their struggles on various social media platforms.

A Gazette notice on new ID and passport application charges caused an uproar on Wednesday evening after Kenyans learnt that they would replace their lost IDs by coughing Sh2000, up from Sh100.

The 34-page passport application fee also surged to Sh7500 from Sh4500, prompting Kenyans online to question the direction the country was taking.

As expected, many wondered who would air their plight and opposition leader Raila Odinga’s name was first on the list.

“If Rao really cared about the common mwananchi, this would be the right time to call for Maandamano,” posted 5 People Ke on X.

“I've never been so open for maandamano like I am right now???What is happening in this country bro,” Simply Wangui posted on X.

“Azimio’s maandamano were premature. This could have been the right time,” Wafula reacted via the X account.

These comments got to his daughter Winnie Odinga, who was quick to remind them of the narrative that was peddled last year during the General Election.

“Si ulimtuma Bondo? Achana na Babangu. (Did you not send him to Bondo? Leave my father alone.)” she posted on X.

The post attracted several comments as several netizens supported her saying Odinga, popularly known as Baba, should take a rest and not go to the streets as requested.

“When Raila Odinga called for #Maandamano they said he was messing up their business. Baba relax huko Bondo where they said they will send you in a wheelbarrow. Kula ngege maduong kabisa,” said Joshua Oluga via X.

“Mko na entitlement sana. Unaweza ambia aje mtu aambie baba yake aweke maandamano na wewe uko na baba yako amekaa tu nyumbani. Si umwambie hata yeye aweke maandamano. Madharau!” supported Brian Yuri.

This as President William Ruto delivered his first State of the Nation address at Parliament buildings since assuming office in September 2022.

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