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Khaligraph Jones apologises to Tanzanians

 Khaligraph Jones [Instagram]

Khaligraph Jones' beef with Tanzanian musicians has finally come to an end after the rapper expressed regret for dragging them into an unnecessary musical clash.

Voicing his sentiments during a radio interview on Wasafi Radio, the self-proclaimed rap OG began by admitting that his words were taken out of context leading to his broader beef with other musicians.

Khaligraph said he had no choice but to stand up for his country, although he admitted that Bongo is superior.

"Bloggers will always be bloggers and they will look for headlines that sell the most. So in that aspect, there was a discussion that was going on and my statement was taken out of context a little. For the longest time you know when it comes to Tanzanians and music we can never discredit the fact that your music is superior in general. Even when you come back to Kenya you find that the top songs on YouTube are from Tanzania," he said.

According to Khaligraph, Tanzanian music being grander is not a bad thing but a learning point for others. He went on to apologise to everyone offended by his actions maintaining that his words were taken out of perspective.

"It's not a bad thing, it's actually a very good thing only that at home here you find that when someone wants to interview you they want to focus on how you are not doing well musically yet others are thriving. So in that context, if you are a patriot of course you have to hold it down for your people. If anyone brings up such sentiments you have to come out and defend. But it's not like I have any hate for y'all.

"Personally when I saw how that interview was edited, I wasn't pleased because it showed me in bad light and I knew it wasn't supposed to be like that and I know other people will not understand it. That's why I apologised. That is why I'm apologising, that was not right. My statement was taken out of context. For the people who took it the wrong way please accept my apology," he pleaded.

Rapper Rosa Ree, however, termed Khaligraph's apology as hypocritical, accusing him of looking down upon Tanzanians.

"I refuse this hypocritical apology! Let it be remembered forever that you came to Tanzania to snatch the RAP seat and found it occupied by a goddess and you failed to remove the authority. You are lying and you feel that to date "Up in the Air" and "One Time" are the ones giving me Hip Hop Awards? Or you want to say that the award givers are fools because you have already said that in Tanzania we don't know English?...YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PEOPLE!" read part of her post.

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