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Drill rapper XLVI K appointed as Chairman of Kenya Holy HipHop

 Kenyan drill rapper XLVI K. (Courtesy)

Kenyan drill rapper XLVI K, also known as 46K, recently took on a surprising new role: Chairman of Kenya Holy HipHop.

This unexpected appointment follows the release of his EP, "Son Rise," which garnered significant attention for its blending of spiritual themes with the hard-hitting beats of drill music.

XLVI K's music has always been characterized by its raw honesty and introspective lyrics. He has gained recognition for tackling social issues. However, "Son Rise" marked a significant shift, showcasing a deeply personal exploration of faith and spirituality.

Son Rise is a groundbreaking new drill gospel EP, a first of its kind, featuring cyphers on all six tracks, bringing together some of the best Kenyan Christian rappers and DJs on one release.

The EP is a celebration of faith and unity, with each track delivering a powerful message of hope and inspiration. XLVI K (46K) has carefully curated a lineup of artists who represent the best of the Kenyan Christian hip-hop scene, and the cypher format allows them to bounce off each other's energy and creativity.

“Son Rise is a must-listen for fans of Christian hip hop, drill music, and anyone who loves great music. It is an EP that will inspire and entertain listeners of all ages and will surely leave a lasting impact,” he says.

The EP opens with the stirring intro track which sets the stage for the journey ahead. The next track, "Soldier Cypher" is a declaration of war against the forces of darkness, and "The Servant Cypher" is a moving reminder of our calling to serve others.

 "Level Up Cypher," features a lineup of all-star rappers who deliver fiery verses about their commitment to following Christ, and "Financial Discipline Cypher" offers practical advice on managing your money in a way that Honors God.

The EP closes with "The Resurrection Cypher" which is a triumphant celebration of Jesus' victory over death and a rejuvenation of the Gospel scene in Kenya, which leaves listeners with a sense of hope and inspiration.

Son Rise is an EP that will resonate with anyone who loves drill music, gospel music, or simply great music in general. It is a project that is both entertaining and inspiring, and it is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

While the appointment of a drill rapper to lead an association of Christian rappers, producers, deejays and poets from Kenya might seem unorthodox, it reflects a growing trend in Kenya where hip hop is increasingly embraced as a powerful tool for social change and spiritual expression.

XLVI K's influence and ability to connect with young people, combined with his newfound faith-based message, made him an ideal candidate to lead Kenya Holy Hip Hop.

"I believe that hip hop has the power to speak to people in a way that traditional religious teachings might not," XLVI K states. "I want to use my music and my position to show people that faith can be a source of strength and hope, even in the midst of struggle," he says.

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