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Ken Rapudo: I was in a relationship when I met Amber Ray

 A collage of Ken Rapudo and Amber Ray.

Kennedy Rapudo narrated how he met Amber Ray on the Obinna show. The two crossed paths at DNM Park in Mountain View in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, at that time, Rapudo chose not to pursue a romantic relationship with Amber because he was already in a different relationship.

He explained, "I first met her while I was in another relationship, so I decided to give her space. I did like her, but I didn't want to complicate things with my current relationship. After a while, I became single, and I tried to reconnect with her, but she was in a relationship herself, so I backed off again," Rapudo, who is a businessman, added.

Eventually, Rapudo realised that Amber had different intentions when she introduced him to one of her friends. He shared, "She invited me to have lunch with her and her friends. During that time, she wanted to introduce me to one of her friends."

Later on, Amber invited Rapudo to an event she organised. However, he attended without knowing that she was still in a relationship, and ended up seeing her with her boyfriend at the event.

He explained, "She invited me to a love fest at Two Rivers after a week or two. I went, thinking she was single, but I found her there with a foreigner."

After some time, Amber became single and Rapudo 'shot his shot'.

As they began to meet up for drinks and spend more time together, Rapudo got to know Amber better and realised she was the right person for him.

He shared, "When she was single, we met for drinks and became friends first. I realised that she wasn't exactly how people portrayed her on social media. That's when I knew she was the right person."

Rapudo also talked about the challenges they faced in their relationship and offered advice to other men saying they should be intentional when they meet the right woman.

"My advice to men is to be serious and committed when you meet a woman you want to marry. Don't play with her feelings. Be intentional with your love. When you find the love of your life, you'll do whatever it takes to make her happy."

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