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Amber Ray: I am not obligated to tip you in clubs, restaurants

 Amber Ray [Instagram]

Amber Ray on Monday took to social media to highlight an incident that offended her this past weekend while she was having a good time with her fiance Kennedy Rapudo.

The mother of two said she was seated at a table when two ladies walked up to her and asked for a tip.

Amber said she had not carried any cash so she asked them to pass by her table later but they kept insisting.

"I went to a place and when I was enjoying myself then some two girls came wakanisalimia, and they were like Amber tupe tip.

"Mind you these guys were not even serving me. So I just told them off sawa baadaye. First sikua na cash because my hubby alikuwa ameenda washroom," said Amber.

The mother of two said she does not mind giving tips but it should be earned through good and efficient service.

"I was so offended. I don't like someone asking me for tips. Just do your service and kama service yako imenibamba I will definitely tip you. I know mtu anafaa kutip 10 percent of what they have spent but I don't mind giving you more. Just please take care of me," she said.

Amber, who once worked as a waitress, said she never asked clients for tips despite the challenges she was going through at the time.

"Watu hawana manners hapa nje," she added.

Amber Ray recently revealed that she used to work as a waitress back in the day and her first salary was Sh13,000.

Speaking during a sit-down with content creator Obinna, she said she came from a humble background and was keen to spoil herself with chips and chicken since they were the things she desired at the time.

She further stated that coming from a poor home meant she understood what it meant to lack basic needs and she now appreciates where she is, a massive upgrade from some years back when she lived in a single room.

"Nilikuwa natamani kuku na chips ya town...I promised myself the day nitapata a good job I would spoil myself.

"I was a waitress at a casino. Nilikuwa nakula kuku quarter na chips whether ikuwe asubuhi ama jioni," she narrated.

Adding: "I can't even stand it at the moment because perhaps I over-indulged."

The socialite revealed that due to her work ethic (at the casino), she would make more money from tips that went over and beyond her salary at the time and therefore she would settle her bills without a hassle.

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