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Maureen Waititu speaks on co-parenting with Frankie

 A collage of Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It.

They were once viewed as one of the most ideal couples on socials but life happened and everything fell apart.

Maureen Waititu, an established content creator, and Frankie Just Gym It had parted ways. A lot was said about their union but in an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Maureen said the worst period was over and they have embraced co-parenting.

In a sit-down with the content creator, Maureen said 2019 made her who she is and recalled how the happenings in her life made her slip into depression.

This is not how she had visualised her life. She had two adorable sons but her relationship was not working.

"2019 is the year that made me who I am. Life happened. The union we had (with Frankie) came to a painful end. I slipped into depression. I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and anxiety. I was suicidal. I thought about it so many times.

"I would get up to a hundred DMs of people just insulting me. I had to give away my phone and passwords. Someone else was managing my accounts," she said.

Maureen said she was often on autopilot and at some point she realised she needed help from an expert who helped her overcome her mental issues at the time and reminded her that she had to transform her mindset.

Asked about co-parenting with Frankie, Maureen said it was new to them but so far it is working perfectly and the kids are thrilled to be with their father.

"It (co-parenting) is good but very new to us. We recently started and I don't know whether it is my place to say it. We have been very careful not to make it about us but yes, we are co-parenting.

"The kids are happy to be with their dad and I am happy to see them with their dad. The worst is behind us," she said.

 Frankie Just Gym It [Instagram]

Asked whether she harbours any hard feelings towards her baby daddy, the digital content creator said she had made peace with what happened in the past although it was a gradual process.

"Forgiveness is so powerful...this thing with Karma...it is human to want the worst to happen to the person who hurt you the most or is not doing the right thing but one of the reasons why I was able to pick myself up from way back is because I had to.

"It came in steps...it was not an overnight thing," she said.

She added that her view of love and a life partner has also changed as she is now more self-aware and values friendship as an important ingredient in a relationship.

Maureen, however, did not disclose whether she is dating at the moment although she said that single mums also need love and she is no exception.

"My view of love and a partner is completely different now. The person I would imagine in my life would have to be my best friend because when the honeymoon is over you got to face that person.

"Now I am a mum. I come as a package. Some of the most amazing people to love are single mothers. Friendship in love is very important. I made it a point not to disclose what is happening in my life because I have learnt. I do not intend to prove a point to anyone. I am happy," she said.

 Maureen Waititu [Instagram]

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