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Kenyan artistes who have made it big after going solo

 Nyashinski, Bien and Benzema.

Recently, Sauti Sol announced an indefinite break, with fans wondering if this is the end of the band. But even before this in their "Alone Together" phase, members had been experimenting with solo projects.

In the ever-evolving world of music, collaboration and synergy are often seen as the driving forces behind creative endeavours. However, some exceptional artistes possess the ability to break away from their groups and establish themselves as formidable solo acts.

While it is often said that there is no such thing as a solo act in the music industry, a select few have defied this expectation and achieved great success on their own. From captivating performances to chart-topping hits, here are some remarkable artistes who released solo projects outside their groups and emerged as true entertainment powerhouses.


Renowned for his time with the legendary Hip Hop trio Kleptomaniax, Nyashinski has undergone a remarkable transformation as a solo artiste. After taking a hiatus from music, he returned with a series of hits that showcased his lyrical prowess and cemented his place as the leading Kenyan Hip Hop artiste.

Songs like 'Now You Know', 'Mungu Pekee', 'Malaika', 'Marathon Runner', 'Aminia', 'Wach Wach', 'Finyo', 'Free' and 'Bebi Bebi' highlight his talent and the depth of his musical abilities.

These tracks dispelled any speculations that he had quit music. Nyashinski's versatility is evident in his collaborations with other artistes, both within Kenya and beyond.

From working with Chris Kaiga on 'Hapo Tu' to teaming up with Nameless on 'Letigo', and even venturing into Hip Hop and Afro-pop with Femi One and Sauti Sol, Nyashinski has proven that he can adapt to various styles and create captivating music.

With his aptly named project, Shin City, Nyashinski has asserted his dominance in the Kenyan music industry through successful tours that showcase his remarkable stage presence.

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Bien Aime

While rumours swirl around the future of the beloved Sauti Sol group, lead singer Bien Aime has proven that his talent knows no bounds.

His soulful voice has excited audiences for years, but it is through his solo projects that his artistry has reached new heights.

'Bald Man Anthem', his solo album, has become an anthem in its own right, dominating the airwaves with hits like 'Inauma', 'Too Easy' and 'No Body'. His collaboration with Joeboy and Baraka on the remix for 'Nana' has further solidified his position as an entertainment giant.


Fathermoh has released hit after hit since venturing into solo projects outside his crew, Mbuzi Gang. His tunes, such as 'Dai Dai' featuring Shekina and 'Kaskie Vibaya' featuring SSaru, have become anthems.

The collaboration with Shekinah Karen on 'Bad Girl' showcased his unrivalled skill as the king of hooks and solidified his position as the reigning Gengetone artiste. With endorsements pouring in and his popularity skyrocketing, the calm artiste's success story is a testament to the power of going solo.


In the Kenyan music scene, few artistes have captured the nation's heart like Benzema of Ochungulo Family.

Known for his deep voice and gritty style, Benzema has forged a name for himself outside his group, proving his artistic mettle.

His solo projects, including 'Some More' featuring K4Kanali and 'Potential' featuring Boutross and Domani, have propelled him to fame and earned him the title, 'Dirtiest artiste in Kenya'.

Boutross Munene

Dubbed the 'King of Shraap Music', Boutross Munene of ADF Family has emerged as the leading artiste in his genre. Hits like 'Shrap Over the Rest' and 'Dapa Dapa' featuring Beevee have captivated audiences with their energetic performances and infectious beats.

The remix of his chart-topper 'Angela' featuring Konshens, the award-winning Jamaican dancehall artiste, further solidified Boutross's international appeal.

With his fashion-forward style and charismatic stage presence, he has been able to tour across Africa, captivating fans from all around the globe.

Swat Matire

Amidst speculations about Ethic's overreliance on hook master Rekless, Swatarounds emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

Venturing into solo projects, this ladies' man has showcased his musical prowess through hits like 'Bad Girl' featuring Fathermoh and Shekinah Karen, 'Finyo' featuring Wakali Wao, and 'Sleep Over' featuring Shekinah Karen.

Swat Matire's versatility and ability to hold his own have not only attracted a dedicated audience but also opened doors for exciting collaborations. His journey from Ethics to solo success is a testament to his determination and talent.

Exray Taniua

Exray Taniua's rise to solo stardom from the renowned Boondocks Gang is remarkable.

Hits like 'Waganis' presenting Ssaru, 'Tujenge Taifa' featuring Teslah, and Cinderelauti have showcased his musical genius. The undeniable success of 'Walevi Na Polisi' featuring Lil Maina highlighted Exray Taniua's ability to create infectious hooks and lyrical prowess.

With a presence and sound that resonates with fans, he continues to thrive as one of the top artistes in Kenya.

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