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Chebet Ronoh shares body transformation journey

 Chebet Ronoh [Instagram]

Online comedian Chebet Ronoh has shared her weight loss experience with her followers on social media. She reflected on her body transformation and the valuable life lessons she has learned along the way.

Ronoh shared her thoughts on how she used to believe that losing weight and making more money would make her happy and heal her from everything she went through.

However, she soon realized that it does not work that way, saying "I remember thinking that if I finally lost the weight and made more money I’ll be happy and healed from everything I went through. That I won’t ever doubt myself or feel fear or self-sabotage again well chile."

Despite achieving what she wanted, she found herself still repeating the same cycles of self-doubt, fear, and self-sabotage.

In her post, Ronoh encouraged her followers to find a balance in their lives and believe in themselves. She said, "We often think we have lifetimes to live yet we have no idea the day we leave so I’m living every day like it’s my last! Here’s to balance and self-belief."

Ronoh emphasized the importance of living in the present moment and not taking life for granted. She said, "I recently have been having the best days of my life since I let go of a lot of things I cannot control and being as present as possible, taking as much time to smell the roses while we still here."

In September 2022, Ronoh opened up about her weight loss journey and the inspiration behind it.

Growing up, Ronoh said she was unaware that she was overweight and always found herself last in line. However, when she became aware of her weight, she became insecure and tried everything, including starving herself, to lose weight. She even developed acidity from taking lemon every morning.

In her post on social media, Ronoh revealed that her current weight loss journey was jump-started by everything going wrong around her. She decided to dedicate three months to putting her body in motion and going sober to improve her health. She found that weightlifting helped her lose her tummy.

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