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Robert Burale opens up on an addiction that almost ruined his life

 Robert Burale [Photo: Courtesy]

Motivational speaker and preacher Robert Burale famed for always being open and vocal about his past experiences and using himself as an example to teach the youth has opened up on an addiction he battled with during his early years. Speaking during a recent interview with comedian Jalang’o on Jalang’o TV, Burale clarified that he was not always right with God as he is now and that at some point in his life struggled with sexual sin before giving his life to Christ.

“If you are looking for a perfect pastor, look for somebody else. I say I stand at the pulpit because I was pulled out of a pit,” he began by saying. Burale explained that his addiction began after he travelled abroad for his studies and started frequenting strip clubs.

“I went to Bungoma High School and then went for further studies at De Mont Forte University in the United Kingdom where I came back with great mistakes like addictions, strip club addictions. I would frequent strip clubs. I would go and spend my money in strip clubs sometimes borrowed money. Keep in mind that even as your finances go down, your addiction, whatever it is doesn’t respect your financial status. That’s why someone who is addicted to drugs can go ahead and sell their last pair of shoes until you get people to stand with you,” narrated Burale.

Lustful connections

According to Burale, his frequent visits to the strip club pushed him further into sexual sin. The preacher advised anyone struggling with an addiction similar to his to seek help before their addiction grows into something worse.

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“Other than that I started dangling with sexual sin. In the strip club, there is no dancing and that’s where the spiritual connection happens. If anyone is out there is struggling with this addiction, I suggest you run away before it gets too  deep because as those women are coming to dance next to you they stare at you straight in the eye and that is where that connection happens.

“They never take their eye off you and enter the deepest depths of your spirit so even when you leave that place and go to sleep, what will you be remembering? That connection….. but what is the spirit around a strip club?”

Burale went on to express his disappointment in seeing married couples visiting strip clubs stating that this was the cause of many failed marriages. “I see people in marriage saying it’s their spouses' birthdays so they want to treat them to a strip club, this is why marriages are hurting,” he said.   

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Luckily for the man of God, he has God and his family to thank for pulling him out of the addiction and helping him recover fully. “Having said that, I had a privileged upbringing, a great mother and a great father. Two brothers who passed and my sister who died in January but I have others surviving and we are a close-knit family,” he added.

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