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Five insane ways to sexually turn on your wife


1. Feed her fantasies- According to a report by ‘The Journal of sex research’ women tend to think about sex at an average of 19 times in a day. Understanding the sexual fantasies of a women will help you turn her on very fast. This will especially work best during foreplay.

2. Whispering into her ear- You can do this in public, say in a party. Whisper into her ears about how much you want her and the things you would like to do to her. You can talk about the number of orgasms you are going to give her. Whispering into her ear will get her turn on while she anticipates what you are telling her.

3. Dim the lights- Don't switch the lights off, you do not want to scare her. Most women are very conscious about their bodies and how they look while naked. Having the lights on might make her uncomfortable thus making it difficult to turn her on since her mind is not on sex. “Turning down the lights may make her feel less self-conscious and more relaxed”, according to a sex research and author, Dr Ian Kerner.

4. Massage her- Massaging helps to relax the body which in turns improves the concentration. While massaging you can also give her cold chills to expand her response. According to a British sex therapist, Phillip Hodson ““Cold is sensed by more nerve endings than mere touch can reach, so you’re expanding her range of response.” You can do this by pouring some cold wine or tequila on her tummy and licking it off.

?5. Good kissing- Kissing tops the list of women’s turn-ons. Knowing where to kiss will be of an added advantage. Kissing her on the lips alone might not get her turned on although it might release the ‘happy hormones’. Try kissing other parts of her body such as her neck, knees, hip joints, ankles, shoulders and elbows.

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