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Why you should get married at the Attorney General's office


There is nothing that brings more satisfaction and pleasure to a man but much so a woman than to walk down the aisle in the full glare of cameras and been the spotlight. In present day, many will hire qualified designers and wedding experts to ensure that everything is up to the task. This is mostly important to women and our brothers from the lakeside who will want their weddings to be the talk of the town.

This is despite the current hard life where we are faced by tough and harsh economic times. But the tough-headed and staunch faithful’s will hear none of this. It is not a surprise that a man may be compelled to borrow a loan to fund a wedding fete, a one day event.

Most people have high expectations and will close their ears until the bitter truth unravels itself and realize that marriage is not a bed of roses. That you can spend 2.5 million on a wedding ceremony followed by a honey moon in Bahamas but is no different with a come we stay marriage or a traditional marriage in the village. To economists, being legalized as a husband and a wife in a court of law is better.

I was not surprised that Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Bob Collymore spent only Ksh. 80, 000 on his wedding ceremony.

I find it more agonizing that the so called "power couples" have a short life span. Their wedding will be trending on the mainstream media and on social media. But as it has been, the public wants to hear when things are going in limbo. People will follow it step by step, how dramatic events unfold. At the end they will laugh of, and use such power couples to justify why expensive weddings are nothing but just a show off.

What of village weddings which after church, visitors both invited and uninvited throng the home and feast heavily (only in western Kenya and Nyanza). Although someone may be forced to dig deep into his pockets but most requirements are free.

All the same, the new generation who are afraid of spending so much on one day should settle the issue with a jury in a court of law. What matters most is that you get married.

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