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Brother Ocholla's unbrotherly love: Uproar as man's explicit message lands in an Embakasi Prayer group on Whatsapp


Bro Ocholla's message

By May Jesaro (@KiptuiMay)

When it comes to WhatsApp, people often find themselves in different groups be it family, friends and even prayer groups like one Bro Ocholla who is making KOT’s Tuesday morning.

Bro Ocholla belongs to a WhatsApp group called Embakasi Prayercell and by the name, one would conclude it to be a Christian group. He however shocked his group members when he accidentally sent a message to the group which found its way to social media.

You seem to love my voice. This voice will whisper asking how you are feeling when you will be having an orgasms at cloud nine,” his message read. This was quickly followed by an apology “Wrong message, sorry,” to the group.

A message to his girlfriend perhaps? KOT did not hesitate to give their opinions.

@carollemso:  Yawa! bro Ocholla "@Amamacho: LOL screenshots ni project ya Saitani

@kavzkaveni : Haha these WhatsApp groups can mess you up reason I’m inactive in most of them. sorry bro Ocholla

@Kvaati:  How many of you kids know that Umejivalia ngozi ya kondoo ...kumbe ndani ni mbwa mwitu song? ...that's Bro Ocholla

@boazozzy:  hahaha cloud 9"@OneSantuz: Bro Ocholla: Straight Outta Prayercell

@njiiru: sister in christ: "what's this!!!?"

bro ocholla: 

Wizkid pic

‏@Jemalito:  The devil is trying to bring Bro Ocholla down.

‏@anto_fazul:  @Brianmbunde hehe and maybe bro Ocholla alikwa kwa list ya kumeet Pope

@YeahImNene_ : 'Sister Evelyn, come over and see the snake that got us out of Eden.'

Bro Ocholla sext.

‏@Fakii:  On Bro Ocholla, someone in the group did a screenshot and shared it. The group is a PRAYER CELL, literally for God's sake!

‏@MisterAlbie:  Bro Ocholla after realizing his mistake.. 

Bro Ocholla's memes

‏@Kiamah_ : Jesus took too long. Bro Ocholla just wanted to take her to heaven.

‏@hasheem_simba :Finally Mollis is found. Long live Bro Ocholla

@nickoh_m: Bro Ocholla should step aside for further investigations"

@YeahImNene_: "Bwana asifiwe sister Anne, wanted to confirm if you are still coming for the semenar ;)."

Bro Ocholla

‏@omondi_billy:  haha Bro Ocholla is Mollis reincarnated 

‏@AishaWanjiku_ : Bro Ocholla left group 

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