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Inside Joy Kendi's stylish home

 Inside Joy Kendi's stylish home (Photo: Joy Kendi, KTN Home)

Joy Kendi, lifestyle content creator and face of Hidesign Maasai Col, is known for her ingenious fusion of art and fashion inspired by the world and her rich heritage. Her contemporary style is truly inspirational.

Joy's episode marked the introduction of the Art Of Living Show a while back showcasing her pleasant and friendly demeanour. I was pleasantly taken aback by her intelligence, honesty, and sincerity regarding her money-saving habits and the sources of her decor items.

Stepping into her home felt like entering a world of the most stylish content creators. The apartment exuded a sense of cuteness and prettiness, a testament to her keen eye for fashionable aesthetics.

Her home's style is a blend of modern chic and contemporary, with every piece thoughtfully placed. The furniture layout and decor accessories were arranged with such style and precision that I marvelled at her organizational skills.

The brilliant white walls exuded sophistication, complemented by wallpapers that added character and personality to her space. The large windows with white sheers created an airy and refreshing ambience, truly stunning.

Her luxurious grey L-shaped sofa was both functional and impeccably crafted. A multi-coloured throw blanket added a pop of colour, enhancing its beauty.

Determined to save money, Joy said she collaborates with skilled artisans to create custom furniture pieces. Her black and white cushions added a cosy and luxurious touch to the space.

Cute black lampshades, positioned next to a gorgeous mirror, complemented the overall theme, giving the space a hotel foyer-like feel. The systematically arranged picture frames on the living room walls were a visual delight.

"These picture frames are quite affordable. I simply sprayed them with silver paint and added my favourite images and artwork. Why spend so much when you can create something as charming as this?" she said.

The adjacent wall featured striking framed art pieces in shades of red, pink, red and blue. The lip makeup brushstrokes in the images appeared artistic, edgy and trendy.

"I love these three art pieces they depict my love for beauty and fashion," she said.

I was captivated by the DIY idea of buying affordable picture frames and customising them with your favourite colours. A dried plant sprayed with white paint added an edgy touch to her space.

The knickknacks and treasures in her home were truly outstanding. The grey carpet on the floor felt luxurious, with visible folds and textures lending sophistication to the space.

A rustic floor lamp and a mustard rustic armchair in the corner of the house added a striking and authentic touch.

Everywhere I looked, books were neatly displayed in various parts of the house, far from a typical bookshelf. They were thematically and artistically arranged.

"I enjoy reading medical books," Joy explained with enthusiasm. A stylish and fashionable girl reading medical books was a delightful surprise.

Her office resembled a Vogue magazine editor's workspace, with international fashion magazine covers displayed on the wall. "I've been featured in all these international magazines; it was my goal, and I worked hard to achieve it," she said.

Fancy shoes, bags and a handcrafted blue velvet sofa gave her office a lavish and edgy feel.

"I bought this tiny cute bag in Seychelles, I love little bags but it's the most useless bag ever. It only fits one phone, two lip glosses and loose cash," She said about her favourite clutch bag.

What is the key to her success as an award-winning content creator?

"Know your voice, curate your content toward the brands you want to work with, learn how to create your own content, take pictures, and videos, and edit them yourself, and be open to collaborations with brands that matter and elevate your brand," she said.

This summary encapsulates her previous space. Since then, she has renovated her home, and we can't wait to get a sneak peek of her new space.

Hanging out with Joy Kendi was vibrant and fun. She is a breath of fresh air, down-to-earth, warm, unpretentious and diligent in her work. She is a force to be reckoned with.

You can watch Joy Kendi's episode on the KTN Home YouTube channel.

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